Traditional Embroideries of India

When you talk about Indian fashion and its history, you cannot overlook, the traditional Indian embroideries. Many famous fashion designers have taken this art to the international stage. There is a huge demand of these traditional handmade embroideries in India as well as around the globe. Let us review some of these state-owned specialties in this article.

Chikankari from Uttar Pradesh

This art form was perceived by Moghuls and later inculcated by the Nawabs of the city of Lucknow. It is preferably done on cotton fabric and has its own set of designs and patterns to be followed.

This art form has its origination in Lucknow and is not practiced anywhere else around the globe.There are various fashion houses located in the city endorsing this art form. Now a day you can also buy this online however to relish the real taste and authentic work, you must visit Lucknow.

Kashidakari from Jammu and Kashmir

The Kashmiris do a special form of chain stitching on the warm fabric famous in the locales. They preferably draw decorative motifs of birds, maple leaves, etc. to bring color to monotonic their shawls and stoles which are mostly in colors like gray and beige.

This special hand work is also reflected in various carpets and bed sheets to adorn their homes. The art form is majorly passed on from previous generations to the next one and requires a lot of hard work and patience to complete one piece and hence generally are highly priced. 

Kantha from West Bengal

This art form is particularly practiced by rural women of West Bengal. They use running stitches to craft various motifs which are particularly inspired from nature. They use threads of various colors to give a rich look to the plain cotton fabric.

This is also used to make quilts which are popularly known as NakshiKantha. Here women layer old saris and cloth pieces with Kantha stitching to make light blankets, throws, and bedspread which are especially used for children.

Phulkari from Punjab

Phulkari is traditional embroidery originated in the state of Punjab. The craftsmen embroidered a whole garden on the piece of scarf. This scarf is used to adorn the heads of Punjabi ladies on special occasions like a birth of a son or marriage function.

They use silk thread to draw this flower like motifs. The popular stitching style used under this art form is darning stitch over a piece of cotton fabric. 

Rabari from Gujrat

Rabari is a special form of embroidery which is done by Rabari community in Gujrat. They draw various motifs of celebration under this art form. Some of them are a dancing peacocks, or human dancing in a group and much more.

They specifically do this embroidery on cotton fabric, to adorn their day to day clothes and home decor items like bed sheets and table runners. With time, this art-form has gained international fame and you can see people across the country wearing it during celebrations like Navratri.

They also include mirror work and sequin work under this art form.