Top 10 Scariest Places in Bangalore

Many people like to get scared and are interested in stories of ghosts. Here are some places having a scary story behind. These places are in the famous and busy city Bangalore.

  1. Bengaluru International Airport:

I know this feels a kind of odd that to find international airport is scary for many, but yes. There are many cases people found ghost-like thing roaming in the airport. This has been heard since 2008. A pilot has found a lady wearing a white saree with loose hair roaming on the runway. I am sure this makes him scared even though he doesn’t believe in ghosts. Many taxi drivers experienced like a lady picked up a taxi and been disappeared from the taxi in the middle of the way.  Even a picture of her has come out with an infrared camera. So next time you visit be careful. 

  1. Victoria Hospital: Bangalore medical college and research institute

This is a famous hospital present near city market can be said middle of the city. There is a belief that hospital premises are haunted by a ghost. There are many recognized that food packets of visitors went missing. We can say that people in the hospital are being scared by a “hungry ghost”. It is a century-year-old hospital, but many believed that a lady who died here became a ghost and started scaring people.

  1. Terra Vera: St Mark’s road

This is one of the famous places in Bangalore for strange happenings. Many are victims of paranormal activities happened here. This house belongs to two sistersWeird activities have been recorded after when one of two sisters been murdered brutally in this house. This occurred in 2002. The murderer is still unknown. The other sister moved out of the house due to some property issues. Many signs of ghost-like colder temperatures, crossed signs etc., have been recorded.

  1. Kalpalli Cemetery:Sarvagnanagar

Generally, a cemetery is a place many people get scared just by hearing its name. Many visitors have gone through many weird experiences here. Even the security guard of this cemetery does not dare to be here after the sun took off. There are many case reports that they have seen a man at odd hours coming out of graves. Other than these many gruesome things had gone in this mysterious cemetery. People who generally visited cemeteries might have a spooky feeling but here it is for sure for all.


  1. Call center on MG Road:

This is another scary place, by the way, an important place in Bangalore. One night women working in a call center late night, she got hit by a drunken driver. The driver didn’t respond to this and gone. She died there that night. Since then people found a woman crying that night every year scaring the people. Even the employees have observed this scary thing in that spot every year. Though weird things don’t happen very often this place is too scary on that night every year.

  1. Nh4:Bangalore to Chennai

This seems little weird right, but yeah. The story of this highway is like a movie story. A passerby saw a lady for the lift on the side of the highway and he stopped by and asked her where to go but as he saw she disappear as he was talking to no one. So he went forward and saw the same lady coming at him laughing. So he got scared and left the car and ran away. He hit himself to the compound hounding and died. There is no evidence for this but passerby experiences weird stuff in this highway very often. So people be careful while you go through the highway and don’t be scared. 

  1. Hoskote Route:way from Bangalore to Hoskote

Many people have encountered the unusual and scary happenings in this route. Auto drivers are the most to observe these weird thing going on there. Once an auto driver saw a lady asking for the lift and the driver stopped by. The lady said she needs a lift but she is physically handicapped and had no money. So he accepted to give her a lift but she called him out of the vehicle to help her get into the vehicle and started laughing. The driver found little suspicious and didn’t agree to do that. If he stepped out of is vehicle she would have killed him. She cannot enter the vehicle because there are idols of god inside it. So be careful while going in this Hoskote route. 

  1. Naale Baa:

It is not a place but an unusual thing happened in late 90’s. a supernatural entity knocks the door and says your death has come. When people hear these types of words in the night, they get scared for sure. Only by writing “Naale baa” on the doors will avoid these unusual things near your doorstep. This word means that come back tomorrow in their language Kannada. This has happened in late 90’s but there are no records of these incidents recently. So this place is a bit less scary than other ones. 

  1. Banyan Tree in the Tiptur area:

Considering mythology, many ghosts reside in trees and lying around them. Mainly banyan tree is the most famous in that area. Here this banyan tree in Tiptur area is one of them in Bangalore. Many lives have been become difficult just bypassing that tree in a vehicle or by walking. Villagers found it a big threat to their lives and made that tree cut down and burned. This tree made many lives chaoses and ruined peace in many families, so they destroyed it for the safety of people.

  1. The Park:

It seems like a movie name but, there existed a park in Bangalore. The spirit here has a new ability than the others listed above i.e., killing. Once there are 3 children playing in the park. One went home for something with his mother but, after a little while, the two kids saw the third one sitting on a bench far from them. They asked him to join as they don’t know that is the ghost.