Top 10 places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples

In India among the most developed cities this is one of a kind which is known for its green and thus the name “Garden city of India” suits it quite well. This place also has many high-tech places, hence known as “Silicon Valley of India”. In a similar way, it should also be called as “Romantic city” because of many romantic places for the couples.

Couples can propose in these amazing places and get a very blissful moment. Even though these places are inside the city, once you enter, you and yours love will feel isolated and enjoy the amazing surrounding which will definitely give a nostalgic feel.

Some of the famous places to make your partner exciting are

  1. Cuban park:

The greenest place which covers an area of 120ha, with lots and lots of variety of trees and plants. Mostly visited by the couples, family and sometimes researchers (rarely). Romantic couples can have more privacy in this place and they can also enjoy the walk around the garden filled with lots and lots of beautiful trees.

This amazing place is situated in the central part of the city which will be opened from 6.00 am to 6.00pm. 37 km approximately is the distance from the bus stand to this place. Couples can get the glimpse of the wonderful creation of the God.

  1. Ulsoor lake:

One of the best places in the busy city where one can get have their unique presence. This place covers an area of 124 acres. Couples coming here can enjoy the scenic beauty not only by seeing but also by experiencing, where they allow people to go for a boat ride which will make them healthy mentally and this place also has uniqueness comparing other places.

That uniqueness can only be experienced once you reach there and this place is situated in the central Bangalore. This place can be reached by metro also.

  1. Nandi Hills:                                                                                                                                          

Marvellous views and amazing treks are only possible in this place around this busy city. It is situated nearly 70km outer of the city free from traffic. Most exciting part is the sunrise which will make the dark fog and clouds move and arise like a hero giving us light in our life. In order to reach this trekking is to be done, couples care for each other in this excite and adrenaline pumping trekking journey.

 The view of the summit of this hill will also make moments that will be never forgotten in your entire lifetime. It is also called a lover’s paradise.

  1. Dinner at Taj Hotel:

The candlelight dinner at the Taj will be very beautiful and will definitely surprise your partner. A proposal will be more than enough to end their lifetime. It is actually a very busy and crowded place and people have to pre-register to reserve the place for a special occasion. The place has a lot of variety of foods with an amazing taste and the couples can experience a wonderful love in this auspicious candle dinner.

This amazing place is situated near the airport; a few steps will reach you to heaven.

  1. Hebal lake:

This is not just a lake if you are with someone special. Couples are most around this famous Hebal Lake because of the combined view of the surrounding with birds, trees, and water. Especially during the sunrise people can get the amazing view and it is very romantic to watch that beautiful sunrise, most of the couples look into the eyes of their partner and have an amazing love feel. Some sit on the banks with their beloved ones and enjoy the scenic beauty.

This romantic place is situated in the north of Bangalore.

  1. Wonderla:

This is a wonderland which makes you closer to your beloved one. This place has a lot of rides where the couple takes part in that has two seats. The shouting, screaming of love during the ride can be felt by each other. There are also many more fun places and enjoyable places like 5D theatre. The most amazing thing is the water tube rides where two of them can go and have fun together.

Another thing to be amazed is the laser show.

It is situated 28 km from the Bangalore, a bike ride with your beloved one will be sufficient to forget about the distance traveled.

  1. Lalbagh botanical garden:

A place definitely to be visited if one is situated in Bangalore. There is a large variety of flora and fauna which will make you doubt is it really from this world. The most attractive spot in this famous place is the aquarium, glass house and a lake which makes it more beautiful than ever. The place is filled with all kinds of people, among them, couples are larger in number. Seeing the aquarium and enjoying the glass house will make a nostalgic moment.

This place is opened from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm and situated in the south of Bangalore.

  1. Lumbini gardens:

A fun park with full of water events. Enter this fun place to strengthen your deep love and to have a great understanding. Enormous artificial beach, eco-friendly boating, and an assortment of water rides will make you engage with your partner for all day long. The weather is also quite good in Bangalore which brings you closer to this fun time.

  1. Olive beach:

This quite place is situated in the south of Bangalore. The olive beach is one of the best dating places for the couples. The walk along the Mediterranean setup scattered with pebbles along the pathway with your beloved one will make your relationship stronger. 

This place also has many varieties of seafood dishes which are very famous. This place is not that much crowded.

  1. Bangalore Palace:

This place is an ancient place which was placed in the romantic place list. This place has an amazing architecture showing their royal state and also has ballrooms which currently used for holding meetings and much more on this wonderful site. A walk with your beloved one in this palace will make her understand your feeling of love.

There is also royal carriage horse which will pull your beloved one up to the palace, which adds more on love and cares towards your beloved ones.