Top 10 Places for Biryani in Bangalore

Biryani is only a simple dish but it makes Indians crazy. It becomes the essential part of every plate. If you search its history of biryani then, you will find that it has been introduced by Taimur in India. It is an unbelievable thing that how the simple rice grains with some other tossed material ruling on our hearts. Biryani is a favorite food of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  We are suggesting Top 10 places for biryani in Bangalore where you can enjoy your favorite dish.

  1. Nagarjuna Restaurant

Nagarjuna is the best place for them who want to enjoy Biryani of Hyderabad origin. You can visit at Residency Road to get a real touch of Hyderabad through Nagarjuna Restaurant. They serve on the leave of the banana tree which makes it special. They also care about the hygiene well. You will get the suitable environment to enjoy the food of your choice. The menu for both Vegetarian and non-Vegetarians is available. You can grab their famous biryani at the affordable price.

  1. Ammi’s Biryani

Ammi’s Biryani House is not only famous in Bangalore but also in other cities such as Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai. They do not look back after starting in 2008. They have 14 types of biryani flavors and more than 40 outlets in Bangalore alone. They are serving biryani for affordable prices including vegetarian and non-vegetarian verities.  Their Ghost Shaadi Biryani is very famous for marriage occasions. You can also contact them anytime for home delivery.

  1. Biryani Zone

They are offering very special Hyderabadi biryani cooked over firewood. You will love this biryani after having it. The extraordinary flavor will force you to come back more and more times. The reasonable price and delicious food will not disappoint you. You can search address Kundalhali gate, Bangalore to get a real touch of their biryani. We are giving you special suggestion to visit this Biryani Zone to get a memorable experience.

  1. Meghna Foods

If you are searching list for top places to enjoy biryani in Bangalore then, you must try Andhra style biryani of Meghna Foods. They prepare authentically Hyderabadi biryani with spice and aromatic taste. You will love to enjoy all type of biryani here. Especially lollypop biryani and prawn biryani will steal your hearts. ‘Meghna foods’ is pleasing people near Jyothi Nivas College, first cross, KHB Colony,5th block. You can visit there to enjoy the fabulous taste of your favorite dish.

  1. Suchithra Biryani House

This place becomes the prominent landmark for the people of Bangalore who love authentic Hyderabadi biryani. You can enjoy their famous dish with comfort. They are providing both AC and Non-Ac sitting arrangement with the takeaway option. You can expect a friendly environment there. The staff working there is very friendly with customers. Reach the place and enjoy the best flavor of their Hyderabadi biryani. Vinod Reddy Complex, Whitefield Road, MarathahalliExtension, Marathahalli, Bangalore is the address of this house of spice. You can grab the real taste according to your choice. You will get a miracles spice in all varieties.

  1. Curries and Pickles

'Curries and Pickles' is the best place for those people who are from Andhra and feeling homesickness. You will get Hyderabadi chicken biryani which is enough to make you feel like home. They cooked pieces of chicken in best flavored juicy long grained basmati rice. You will get awesome biryani from this place with extra flavor.   They are very punctual of time. You have to reach at the place on time to grab goodness of Hyderabadi biryani with special spices. You have to visit to address -Kasturi Nagar, Banaswadi, Bangalore to get their special extraordinary taste.

  1. Ambur Star Biryani

This famous biryani brand was started in Ambur. Now, it is famous with this name and has branches in Chennai and Bangalore. You can enjoy their 7 types of biryani within affordable prices.  You have to reach at Shop no- 5, Ground floor, opposite Form Mall on Diary circle road to enjoy the delicious biryani of this brand. The taste will make you a fan of their biryani. You will not able to stop yourself to visit again and again to have the best biryani in Bangalore.

  1. Chihaba’ Taj

The Chihaba Taj is a favorite place for biryani lovers since 1935 after starting with this awesome brand. They are serving awesome taste to customers.  The people love to visit there to have their favorite dish. You can imagine the publicity of their biryani by the crowd waiting to have their order from them. Shop no-50 on MM Road at Frazer town is your destination if you want to enjoy their special recipes. You can reach any time to enjoy their delicious recipe with real taste.

  1. Mani’s Dum Biryani

You will be happy after knowing the specialty of Mani’s Dum Biryani if you are a vegetarian. This place is very special for vegetarians in Bangalore. They cook biryani separately for vegetarians. They take care of the demand of the people and cook in the small portion to maintain the quality. You can order from small portion to big family size. Their biryani is of Ambur style with extra flavor. You have to visit K.K center at Jyoti Niwas college road to get the best biryani at an affordable price.

  1. Gundappa Donne Biryani

They are very famous due to their Donne, means- large sized bowls biryani. They have special chicken and mutton biryani. You will also observe a special thing there. They will serve you in the plates made of areca nut palm. If you want to get the best flavor in low cost then this place will be the best option for you. They are serving their best recipe at shop number 120, first main Guttahalli Circle, Seshadripuram.   

These are Top 10 places for biryani in Bangalore.  Now, you can choose the place according to your comfort. You will find something special at every place in the list. They all are unique in themselves to provide spice to their customers.