Do you know who invents hookah? The real concept of hookah has come from our grandfathers. The hookah was a symbol of a person having good respect in past. It was so famous in the Mughal era. In middle few years, hookah lost its popularity due to some reasons. But now is again ruling on the heart of people in the modern form of Flavored Hookah. The modern generation is caring about the health and ritual both. You can check hookah bars in every city. The person visits there to lower their stress of busy life.

We are giving a list of Top 10 hookah places in Bangalore. You can make your day to visit these awesome places in Bangalore.

  1. White Oak Café

This is one of the best places for relaxing yourself with Hookah. The people come here to enjoy different types of flavors of Hookah. You will also get well food menu on this place. The friendly behavior of the staff will also touch your heart. You must experience the awesomeness of this place if you are a real lover of Shisha.


  1. Fill N Chill

This place is a perfect for college students or teenagers who don’t want to spend much money. You will get awesome services at the cheap prices. The cool environment and touch of the entire flavors will make you crazy. If you want to enjoy a drink here then, you will get a perfect rooftop seating with consistent services. If you didn’t visit this place then, you must try the brilliant services and flavors of ‘Fill N Chill’.


  1. Elements Eatery

‘Elements Eatery’ is an awesome place which will provide you miracles indoor wooden space to hang out with your mates. They will give you a satisfying menu of food with awesome flavors of Hookah. You have to visit 197, Nandi Road to rich this extraordinary place in Bangalore. This place gives you best experience after hard working days at your work.


  1. Mud pipe Café

This is one of the best places for hookah lovers. You will get the pleasant environment with loud music and big projector screen. They have a good menu of food with awesome verities. Along with lovely food, you will get splendid flavors for Hookah. If you really an observer of the services of the places then, this place will get ten stars out of ten stars. The staff is very cool and dedicated to providing best services to the clients.


  1. Cafe Mocha

Cafe Mocha is a popular name in Bangalore among Hookah lovers. It has many outlets in various cities. They are serving Shisha at very economical prices. You have to reach near Cotton Boys School, Lavelle Road to get the extraordinary flavors of hookah. They have a big space to provide accommodation to a large number of the people. Dim lighting and lampshades make this place very special for Shisha lovers. This place is in the list of the favorite hookah bar for young people.  You don’t need to pay much here. They are serving awesomeness at affordable prices


  1. Soul Deli Café

‘Soul Deli Cafe’ is very different and lovely little place which will mesmerize your soul. It is a small coffee shop which providing unique hookah flavors. They have a special list from Rose flavor to Pan Chocolate awesome flavor. You will also love this place if you are a lover of beverages. You will get the quality of hot and cold beverages with an unforgettable taste. You have to visit Blue moon Complex at MG Road to enjoy the awesome taste of your favorite flavors.


  1. Beans Coffee Lounge 

If you want to enjoy the unique flavors of Shisha in Koramangala (Bangalore) then, this place will give you the best experience. You can enjoy unique 25 flavors with awesome services. They have the quality of flavors ranging from Rose to Cappuccino. You will feel very refreshing with their quality of Hookah. They have very refreshing Hookah with the surety of coolness and cleanness.  Apart from Hookah, they are also serving a wide range of beverages with awesome taste. You must visit this place to get the lovely experience of your favorite things. You no need to think much about charges because they are providing all the services at cheap cost.


  1. Rasta Café

Rasta Cafe is one of the favorite places for those who love to go on a road trip late night or early in morning. They are serving very special flavors of Hookah. Unique services at the night on the road make them favorite among all road trip lovers. You can also enjoy delicious specialties at this place with the touch of home. You will get the awesome services of ‘Rasta Cafe’ at Bangalore -Mysore Highway. You will get all these services on required time at reasonably affordable prices.


  1. Kargeens

The best thing about this place is that they are providing a very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your favorite flavors. If you are very stressed after the daily work then, this place is best option to get relaxed. You will get the awesomeness in all flavors with a quality of Hookah. This unique place is situated at New BEL Road. Don’t think much and visit this extraordinary place to make your day memorable.


  1. Ruh

If you are a lover of Shisha foreign flavors then, this place gives you your favorite experience. They are serving a mix of authentic Mediterranean, Spanish, Arabic and Moroccan flavored Hookah. After enjoying the unique mix flavor at ‘Ruh’, you will feel that you are in a Middle Eastern cafe. The services they are providing are also outstanding. Their apple flavor and mint flavor hookah are also very famous. You must try these flavors. If you want to enjoy the real Hookah flavors then, you must visit to the ‘Ruh’ at Sarjanpur Outer Ring Road, near Bangalore Central.

This is the list of Top 10 hookah places in Bangalore.  You can visit there to get the best experience of your favorite flavors. We have done much research to give details of awesome places for you in Bangalore.