These Top 10 Restaurants you would always Swear-by, in Bangalore

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Bangalore the economic powerhouse and a cultural hub, and known as to be Asia's fastest developing metropolitan city. The City of Gardens is full of internationally renowned entrepreneurs taking their homage in this city from corners around the world to this buzzing, full of life city, bringing along with them a diversity of culinary. Well, to be honest, India itself has a vast list of cuisine each with different flavor and culture, Bangalore being one hub with cuisines from all around the world present before you on your plate. Let’s see the top 10 restaurants in Bangalore, with lively ambience, finger-licious food and world class service.

1) Karavalli:
Presenting before you with one of the most coveted dining experiences in the city is Karavalli located at The Gateway Hotel, features on the list of San Pellegrino Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants. Guests here can choose between an array of excellent South Indian dishes, from seasonal curries to wood-fired meats. Primarily focusing on the cultural diversity of south-western communities, Head Chef NarenThimmaiah takes care to include a variety of dishes on his menu, ensuring that there are specialties from a range of different regions. However, Seafood features heavily on their menu, along with plenty of vegetarian options available too. We are pretty much convinced that no one can turn back unsatisfied from a diner like this.

2) Grasshopper:
As soon as you enter into this highly designed restaurant you will get all together vibes of some Instagram blogger dining in the New York city. Well, this is all to expect if a designer-duo, such as SonaliSattar and HimanshiDimri runs a restaurant as sassy and classy as this, which provides its visitors with a soul soothing with an eye catchy interior. It is situated on the duo's farm--an appealing choice for an unhurried, relaxing meal far from the hustle & bustle of urban life. A lush garden surrounding the outdoor dining, working their way through an impressive seven-course-square meal in peaceful oasis.Much like a dream-come-true, South American from the outside and North on the inside.

3) Cafe Thulp:
I bet, this could be your new-favorite hangout spot, Café Thulp! It is said to serve the best burgers, the freshly made beef burgers are its gourmet, and are available with a variety of toppings, with a quirky range from the standard to the adventurous. Or, perhaps if you wish for something more extravagant, try the gonzeshwara burger, which is comprised of a fillet steak wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese and an egg. Don't be jealous all you vegetarians, veg is also catered for, with tasty options such as the falafel veggie burger and the crispy sweet-corn and tofu burger. A favourite hangout spot with low budget and friendly atmosphere, are we in The States? could asking for a couple shakes with them burgers be more?

4) Edo Restaurant & Bar:
Serving Bangalore with a wide variety of luxuriously tasty dishes, Eda is a Japanese eatery situated within the ITC Gardenia Hotel. Much like what we would expect, talented chef’s puts on a live show creating authentic Sushi's, Sashimi and a wide variety of cooked items in-front of their diners. The minimalist designing and relaxing decor oozes out a very natural comfort for its guests in the restaurant. What else? You think you can have all those flavors by merely reading this? Head there, already!

5) Imli Cafe and Restaurant:
As all the Delhiites would be pretty known with this, over the top, very creative, North Indian home cooking restaurant, Imli has in a very colorful menu with a menu displaying in a mix of all them spicy dishes with presentation as creative as one can possibly think of! This cafe in Bangalore is housed in a lovely Bungalow with ample of outdoor seating complete with a terrace of views, perfect to enjoy an evening with your family and friends. Both affordable and playful, it's wholesome meal can be your favourite food.

5) I & Monkey Restopub:

How about if you get to choose between indoor or al fresco dining at the very sassy I & Monkey Resto Pub, with a creative and tasty meal. The minimalist design of the restaurant is juxtaposed against the exciting and eclectic menu, which combines Kerala and Western cuisines. Expect spicy broths and curries for the main course, followed by cooling American favorites such as Mississippi mud pie for dessert. The bang bang prawns, fried with hot chili sambal, green peppers, and onions, is sure to set the taste buds tingling, and the chicken and vegetable barley broth is a great choice for those with milder tastes.

7) Barbeque Nation:
Making guests to take charge of their own barbecue right before you in your plate, Barbeque Nation specializes in sizzling meats, seafood and vegetarian delicacies. A live grill is installed into each of the tables so that diners can cook their choice of starters themselves – making sure the food is cooked exactly to each individual’s liking and that nothing has the slightest chance of getting cold before being served. In the evenings there is also an all-you-can eat buffet of grilled treats that come at a set price, so you wouldn't be very surprised seeing the bill, after accidentally eating a lot of tasty food. Make sure you try the paneer tikka lajawab, the barbecue prawns, and the kadhai paneer.

8) Persian Terrace:
Located within the Sheraton Hotel Bangalore, the Persian Terrace is a must-visit dining venue, for both hotel guests and even the locals. Entirely open-air, diners are invited to enjoy their meal under the stars at the fourth-floor terrace restaurant. Tables are lit up with the lanterns from the middle-east, teleporting its visitors from India to Persia to experience a colorful Arabian night with the menu full of Iranian delights, including fresh tandoor-baked bread, a series of meze platters, pilafs and juicy kebabs straight from the live BBQ station. Overlooking the ISCKON Temple, dinner at the Persian Terrace is both an extravagant and a romantic experience.

9) The Royal Afghan:
Dining in with luxury at The Royal Afghan at The Windsor Hotel can never go wrong. Offering guests views over the starlit pool, the restaurant is open for lunch only on the weekends, which pretty obviously has high demanding bookings beforehand, and dinner daily. With a focus on authentic, traditional dishes from the North-West India, the menu is full of desi kebabs, vegetarian dishes, Indian breads, dal bukhara, and dishes cooked in a clay tandoor. To complete the elegant experience, you will have to choose between the various world-class Wines before you. However, Children below the age 12 years are not permitted in the restaurant.

10) Time Traveller:
You have got to develop your love for vegetarian food at the Time Traveller restaurant, nestled within the Sai Vishram Hotel near Electronic City. A 24-hour coffee shop, Time Traveller also puts on an excellent spread, with its ever-colorful menu including a range of 12 salads, soup selection, 18 main courses, and a dozen desserts at its lunch and dinner buffets. The a la carte menu is equally good, taking inspiration from across the globe, and including cuisines from Greece, China, Italy and Mexico alongside the Indian classics. With a   superb staff and mouth-watering food, reserve a table NOW!