The Solah Shringar

Understanding the solahshringar or sixteen ornaments that complete the beauty regime of Indian women. These are sixteen elements of beauty that is generally adorned by women of India on aday to basis and are considered essential especially for a married woman. Let review what are these sixteen elements of Indian bride.

1.      Hairs

The women or bride's hairs are considered auspicious in Hindu mythology and taken good care of. They are adorned in latest style trend and decorated with flowers and hair pieces.

2.      Mang Tikka

Once hairs are tied, the women adorn a mang tikka, which is a jewelry piece generally in gold but sometimes also in silver or stone. It is a pendant that has a long thin chain tied to it which is used to fit it on hairs to adorn the pendant on the forehead of the bride.

3.      Sindoor

All married women in India who follow Hindu religion adorns a red colored vermillion to fill up their mid parting of hairs, signifying that they are married.

4.      Bindi

Traditionally married women use to put a circular dot with red colored vermillion on the center of their forehead. However, now there is various varieties of it are available in the market.

5.      Kajal

Kajal is like eyeliner which is used to accentuate the eyes of Indian women.  Traditionally it was made of soot from earthen lamp but that has been replaced with modern day eye liners.

6.      Nose Ring or Nath

Brides generally get their nose pierced and adorn a nose piece. This nose piece varies in size and shape when you move to different parts of the country.

7.      Ear Rings

There are various designs and types available in ear pieces. They also vary from state to state in India.

8.      Necklace

The neck pieces’ range from a tight collared chokar to a mid-length haar to long strings of gold and pearls. There is no end to therange available.

9.      Arm bands

This piece of jewelry is used to adorn the arms of ayoung Indian bride. They are generally made up of silver, gold, and pearl.

10. Bangles

Bangles come in various colors and material in India. A different one for every occasion. Married women generally adorn glass bangles.

11. Henna

Indian women beautify their hands and feet with henna on day to day basis. The designs may vary from region to region.

12. Haathphool

This is a special kind of jewelry which adorns the hands of the bride. Women wear them on special occasions. They can be made up of flowers or gold or silver.

13. Aarsi

Aarsi is a thumb ring which generally adorns a mirror. This special ring is meant for brides where they can keep checking their makeup and hairs during the wedding without the need to carry aseparate mirror.

14. Waistband

This is a beautifully designed silver or gold belt which a bride wears around their waist.

15. Anklets

A silver chain with a cluster of bells is generally adorned by Indian brides on day to day basis. It also helps people to know about their presence in thenew house.

16. Toe Ring and Mahur

There are various designs available in toe rings in India. Brides or married women wear one or more toe rings in the fingers of their feet. It is also considered as part of solahshringar.

Mahur is a red colored ink extracted out of certain kind of plants. The Indian women draw a thick red line around the outer border of their feet to enhance their beauty.