You will Sweat Hot and Cold, knowing about these Haunted places existing in Bangalore

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Bangalore, Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city, also known as The city of Gardens, so cute, right? But.if you flip on the other side, Ever wondered if your city was once haunted, and that there does exist a web of supernatural powers? Well, to be pretty honest, every city has its share of terrifying ghost stories and Bangalore quite obviously has a history with horrific past. There is some undefined power that awaits your attention towards it, and seriously, their presence is felt, strong enough to leave your adrenaline pumping.
So, if you want to explore the creepiest places of Bangalore, I reckon you make hold in your hearts and tighten them sweatpants.
Enlisted below are 10 haunted places in Bangalore that will make you low-key swear to god that you wished you hadn't been there.

1)Bangalore International Airport:
Seems like a joke, doesn't it? But if you believe on the hundreds of people that go there on daily basis, claim that there exists a women in white saree with pretty long hair. A pilot, who is said to have thought of her like a real lady, was mistaken into thinking as if she had lost her way and by the time he went close to her, she disappeared. YES! The Airport build only very recently in 2008, is now included in our list of haunted places. The woman's supposedly whereabouts are the runway with her arms stretched and the escalator. Be your own guard the next time you are at this Airport.

2) National Highway-4:
This is one of the many haunted highways in the country. But much to our surprise, this particular highway has recorded several haunted stories. According to the local people residing in the area adjacent to the highway, once an auto driver was on his way back home at around 2 AM, a senile lady asked him for a lift, and just as he turned around to know where she was wanting to go, he was alarmed to see she was gone, within a matter of a few seconds. This wasn't just the end of it, she re-appeared and began laughing loudly. The auto drive drove away as fast as he could only to get collapsed within the compound wall. Stay woke when you drive through the National Highway people.

3) Kalpalli Cemetery:
Cemetery is spooky enough, already for it is a place where the life meets with the dead. But there is more to the story when we are talking about this St. John's cemetery. Stories about gruesome, creepy experiences have never really stopped about this place. Surprisingly a lot of visitors have reportedly claimed of seeing a middle-aged man at odd-hours lurking about the graves. Also, some dead who are said to be risen up above their graves and are strolling about in the graveyard. This experience turns into a deadly eerie feeling if you decide to turn up there at the mid-night of early mornings. No one choose to stay any later than when the sun takes a dip, not even the security guards.

4) Victoria Hospital:
Among any or every place in the world, one would never think of a hospital being haunted, will you? But this century old hospital's premises in the city of Bangalore is said to be haunted by a ghost. People often call him 'The hungry Ghost' as many instances of food packet gone missing have been reported in and around the Hospital. Speculations are that the woman died in the same hospital years ago and hence, the haunting expedition. Well, not much of a violent ghost, no?

5) Terra-Vera:
This property once belonged to the two sisters, namely Vera Vaz and Dolce Vaz, the later was brutally murdered by an unknown attacker, since then this colonial abandonment located on the St. Marks road in Bangalore was demolished for its violently visible satanic signs like sudden extreme cold temperature, inverted cross, strange voices, an eerie feeling and etc. Much like The Conjuring in real life.

6)Naale Baa:
Not exactly a place or residence, if you might want to name it, but a strange and unusual happening occurred during the late 90's. A supernatural entity would come at the odd hours and knock at the doors. Answering it meant that you just called up on your death. So the only way that folks living there could figure to protect themselves was to write 'Naale Baa' outside your house to postpone the visit of the demon. 'Naale Baa' means 'Come Back Tomorrow' in Kannada. People wrote 'Naale Baa' outside their houses every single day to protect themselves from the demon. No recent activity has been recorded about the same, but it is said that people still have it written outside their houses even now.

7) MG Road Call Center:
Not a long time ago, a lady working at this call-center was killed. It was a hit-and-run car accident, by a drunk person who left her there to cry for help and die. From that day till today, people in and around the call center have witnessed the crying of a women on the same night every year. They crying is so loud and spooky that it makes the people feel every pain she felt during the moment she died.

8)Hoskote Route:
This is a tale of yet another auto driver, but there are many who have encountered unusual supernatural happenings on this particular route.
An old lady waved at the driver for a lift saying she was poor and disabled, he somehow agreed to it. She asked him to help her get inside the auto but just as the auto driver refused to step out, she started laughing hysterically and said had he stepped out, she would have killed him. The reason she couldn't get into the auto was because he had pictures of idols pasted inside. Since then, many auto drivers are said to believe in the same and have pastes the holy pictures in their auto, as well.

9) The Tiptur Banyan tree:
It has not stayed unknown to the Hindu mythology which states, spirits and ghosts making homeage into certain trees, Banyan being the first one of them. Many people who passed by The Banyan tree in Tiptur area, were said to be possessed by evil spirits and created a lot of chaos in the lives of the local population. After about several incidents like this, the people decided to chop the tree off. It was hence burned down after a series of several religious rituals. This tree created so much terror in the lives of locals that even mentioning about the tree is prohibited.

10)The Park:
There once existed a park in Bangalore which no longer exists because it was later converted into a residential complex. The spirit which haunted the park was said to be having the capacity of taking human forms. One such incident was recorded when the 3 children were playing in the park and one of them went back home. After a little while, the remaining two kids saw that the third one was sitting far away on a bench. They called out to him and asked him to join them. Little did they realize, that the third kid was already home with his mother and the one playing with them was the ghost. There has never been any violent activity recorded ever, but you never know, right?

Many of you readers would be texting your friends to go check out these places, right away. Quite an adrenaline rush, no? But i reckon, one must never underestimate a supernatural existence, because they are real and to much for your surprise, no matter how hard you try to shrug away the fact that it’s just a joke, it isn’t. Always take your precaution and never try to do anything that might turn into a fatal decision for you.