7 Mesmerizing Parks in Bangalore

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With the Kaveri, Arkavati, and Lakshmana Theertha rivers flowing down gorgeous rock formations and such an abundance of nature around Bangalore is home to many beautiful waterfalls.

Following a stressful and chaotic hustle bustle of urban life, you must be seeking for an ideal weekend getaway to clean your mind and thus let you begin afresh when you are back again.

Bangalorean's always preferred to stop by nearby captivating waterfalls and hilly areas to get the perfect relaxation during the weekends and holiday times.

 Here is a checklist of striking waterfalls, you ought to visit around Bangalore.

  1. Chunchi Falls

About 90 km from the city, based in Kanakapura Taluku in Bangalore rural area. It is found on the Mekedatu Sangama line,  fed by Arkavati River.

Chunchi Falls presents a breath-taking experience for people and trekkers searching for some entertaining venture. The waterfall has a panoramic background all-around it with eye-catching views of the nearby land.

Do carry your digicam to capture the exceptional Instagram-worthy photographs. The surfaces all-around is rocky and constant dropping of water throughout the years has decayed the rocks and encompassing area making a calm and quiet weekend escape.

There are snack stop organized by natives close by, so the place also serves as one of the favorite picnic spots. One has to perform a short trek to get to the falls here by driving onto the Kanakapura-Sangam Road which will take approx 2 hours.

  1. Hogenekkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls is one of the nearest falls, around 180 KM from Bangalore, next to the Tamil Nadu border. It is fertilized by River Kaveri, falling down the rocky surroundings. The rocks around are said to be one of the most ancient of its kind in the world.

Many have termed the Hogenakkal Falls as the Niagara of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the very best waterfalls around Bangalore. During summers, you are permitted to stop by the falls on a boat ride. The boats are conventional and use animal hides to hold safe from water.

For the foodies, you are certainly going to come across vendors selling fresh fish there.

  1. Muthyala Madu Falls

Popularly regarded as the ‘Pearl Valley’, because of the flow of water developing an illusion of pearls streaming down from a peak of 92 m. It just takes an hour’s drive, about 40 km from Bangalore near Anekal.

This is an ideal place for trekking lovers and nature buffs. The fall also serves as a great picnic place. The most effective time to visit here is during the monsoons and enjoy the falls flowing with full glory.

The adjoining woodlands and rich green valley with birds and wild animals are another significant attraction here. It boundaries the well-known Bannerghatta National Park, so you are in for a myriad of fun pursuits.


  1. Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls

It is 3 km away from Mysore to KRS direction, situated in Mysore district. A man-made waterfall designed by a dam, these are the most favored spot for adventure fanatics and nature enthusiasts, making it yet another preferred weekend retreat. Just a three-hour travel from Bangalore, Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls is a popular place for shooting movies, song and dance series.

The area all around is pretty idyllic, do not fail to seize it on your camera. You are allowed to take a dip close to the falls which it is entirely protected. The finest time to check out this place is during the winters or monsoons, as the water levels are great at this time. An awesome picnic spot to enjoy with buddies or loved ones.

  1. Jog Falls

Falling down from a peak of 253 M, found on the Sharavati River, about 100 KM from Shimoga district in Karnataka,  is India's highest waterfall.

It ranks 13th biggest in the entire world and is a substantial tourist destination. This waterfall around Bangalore is segmented in four distinct cascade points that are, Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. One can arrive at the bottom level of the hill by hiking down almost 1400 steps, from where you have a very clear watch of the waterfall from the contrary facet.

Both forms of the Jog falls are equally stunning and if you are close to the place you should surely see it. The regional Sharavati Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent place to adore some water sports, guaranteed with an astounding time here.

  1. Chunchanjatte Falls

Chunchanakatte Falls is situated at a mileage of 55 km from Mysore.

It is fed by Kaveri River intending straight down to two smaller cascades forming these attractive falls. The force with which water from Chunchanakatte Falls arrives is tremendous and thundery developing a 60-feet taller and 350-feet broad waterfall.

It is presumed that Lakshman had shot an arrow into the rock here so that Lord Rama's wife Sita could have a proper shower here through their exile, which introduced the unique turmeric oil color water,  rocks in the area and an organic shampoo named Shikakai. Further, there is a hydro-electric power station at the downstream which taps into this excellent electrical power.

7.Abbey Falls

It is situated just 7 KM from Madikeri Town in Coorg district. Abbey falls lie right within a private coffee plantation and is provided water with the river Kaveri. The breathtaking look at of the fall flowing from a level of 70 feet will surely hold you spellbound featuring a fantastic landscape. It is encased by abundant greenery and bushes insured with pepper vines on the Galibeedu Road.

 This is the outstanding weekend break,  where one is undoubtedly going to have an incredible time trekking about or simply observing the river cascading down the stones.


  1. Makedatu Falls

A prominent Spot on the bank of river Kaveri uncovered in Bangalore Rural Region.

Mekedatu in Kannada implies goat’s leap, which is a spectacular waterfall from Cauvery River along with the charming rocky place. The confluence of the Arkavathi and Cauvery rivers occurs here through a really profound and narrow ravine of hard granite rock, 3.5 KM flowing down from here.

Once you come in reach of this fall, you can view the wild stream of the water roaring down the chasm. Swimming nearby is a quiet risky task, because of the excruciating force of water and is also one of the known habitats for crocodiles.

However, you must take required safety measures in the area since the rocks are slick and the water beneath is deep.

It is sure to give you momentous exposure and an excellent day trip.

  1. Irupu Falls

Iruppu Falls originating from the Brahmagiri Mountain Range with a drop of 170 feet, found approx 48 KM from Virajpet around the border of Kerala.

There is a story behind stating that the river commenced when Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills. These waterfalls are considered to have purifying power. Many devotees arrive at the site to have their sins cleansed during Shivaratri, and is said to have the power to absolve people of their guilt. One can get to the Brahmagiri Peak by strolling up a forest path along the falls as it makes a consistent rumble amongst the quiet of the dense woods.The woods that encompass it are inhabited largely with birds and plants making it a nice, calm, hunt on the weekends.

To reach here, one has to travel in direction of the Nagarhole National Park and then on the Gonikoppal-Kutta Road. This refreshing water proceed is an important tourist appeal as well as a pilgrimage place owing to a renowned Rameshwara temple positioned on the banks of the Lakshmana Tirtha River. You can certainly capture the waterfall in all its beauty most effectively through the monsoons and winter. The fall intrigues a huge range of visitors each year mainly because of its hypnotic natural splendor.

  1. Bharachukki and Gaganachukki Waterfalls

‘Siva Samudram’ basically signifies ‘Shiva’s Sea’. The renowned waterfalls in Shivanasamudra, Mandya District is simply a three-hour drive aside from Bangalore. Shivanasamudra falls are provided water by the great Kaveri river, which is also the  prime site for one of the initial Hydro-electric power stations in Asia.

The town of Shivanasamudra has a set of very ancient temples built on it and being an island, it splits the river into two thrilling waterfalls – Barachukki and Gaganchukki. With more than 900 cubic meters of water dropping just about every second, the  view of waterfall here  is completely stunning and potent.

Most visitors here also take delight in a coracle ride over the gushing waves of the water,  at the backside of the falls. Do keep in mind to take pictures of the waters in its overall wonders.

You should be cautious to adhere to the signs placed nearby, as it is risky to stay on the rocks. It is one of the stunning waterfalls and a very favorite Bangalore weekend spot along with the remarkable eyesight in the monsoons.