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This is the very first post under this topic and to take you through this journey would like you to understand the concept underlying the so called Indian attire. It’s the way to make a male or female beautiful. It’s the very essence of culture that flows out of a person through what he wears, how he smells, his habits, his overall aura. It is perceived by repeating a style day-in and day-out and evolving it as per the latest trends.

To taste the real goodness of Indian attire one could visit temples and see the gods and goddess. Indians adorn their Gods with best attire available in their culture. India is a land of diversity and that can be seen in the attire of different parts of it.

The very popular temple jewelry, the shringars of these deities are perfect example of India attire. Other things which exemplifies the Indian shringar are the dancers who performs Indian dances… kuchipudi, bharatnatyam, kathak and so on. It’s not only their dresses but their entire look from makeup to jewelry to expressions shouts about the culture they belong to.

Almost every state in India have their own embroidery skill. Chikankari from lucknow, Kashmiri embroidery from Kashmir, phulkari from Punjab, Gota in Rajasthan and a lot many.

Then the sarees, almost every state have their own special saree. Assam Silk from assam, Banarsi silk from Uttar Pradesh, Bandhani from Gujrat, Bomkai from Orissa, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Kalamkari saris inspired by Hindu mythology, ancient caves and sculptures, kanchivaram from state of Tamilnadu, Kota sillk from Rajasthan and many more.

Every state and every culture in that state decorates their brides with different uniqueness. Assamese bride adorns mekhla chaddar while a Punjabi bahu adorns a salwar suit, on the other side kumaoni bride adorns a big nose piece.

Hence there are many aspects of Indian culture which defines the attire of its people which we would be talking about in this series. I will soon come up with my next article which is evolution of Indian attire to understand different cults of it. Till then keep reading .