Most Iconic dishes in Bangalore for a Real Foodie

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Bangalore has constantly been well-known for offering the diversified way of life. There are some exclusive food which one should try out if you are in Bangalore. You will have an incredible experience as the food items here are a treat to the taste buds, it's legitimate as it tastes delicious without costing many expenses. No issue irrespective of whether it is a cup of common coffee, soft idlis, some freshly made Rava Vada, benne masala dosa, Paddu with hot and spicy chutney or masala mandakki, the options are unrivaled leaving behind with an entirely heavenly encounter.If you are a true foodie then you must be knowing that the tastes come very first and your investigation ends here as you can uncover the most exemplary food items in Bangalore. Here is the check list below:

1. Thom’s Bakery Plum Cake

  1. Address: 1/2 Wheelers Road, Cleveland Town, Frazer Town, Bangalore.

    The renowned Thom’s Bakery has been providing fresh new bread, flaky samosas, fairly sweet snack foods and a bunch of other bakery goods to customers in the close area to and very far. Their baked items and snack foods are also very exceptional. The very first point of captivation at Thom’s Bakery is its rich and creamy pastries and freshly made cakes every day to their well-known plum cake which is a must attempt. It will get your mouth watering and your belly pleased with a real treat. On top of that, do not fail to taste their blueberry cupcakes, the gooey and the chocolate-coated eclairs. There is also freshly prepared milk bread, made in-house. If you have exactingly got snacks items in your opinions, then try their distinct samosas or their crunchy puffs (easily available both in chicken and vegetarian form). Their real hero is the Plum cake, its contemporary aroma will not only intrigue you but is also melting in the mouths of Bangaloreans for years. You can also breeze up their tinned food and your daily grocery store like; baked beans, locally produced cheeses, salad dressings, veggies, pasta, pasta sauces, tuna, canned fruits, chocolates and candies from all facets of the entire world. Also, this local produce and different goodies which are freshly made each day are shipped in from several parts of the world.

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2. Matteo’s cheesecake

Address: 2, Shanthala Nagar, Church Street, Bangalore

Found on church street, has turned out to be the most prominent place in the city for their appealing cheesecake, where you can come across a flavoring on your own to a mouthful into a slice of ecstasy. You need to also take a shot at its enchanting styles of hot and cold refreshments packaged with eatables like sandwiches, wraps, rolls, cakes blueberry cheesecake, black and white Shakerato with a penne pasta Bolognese with fantastic ambiance is an ideal hangout place to spend quality time with your buddies or family members. It's a perfect place to relax after exhausted shopping. It is a really enjoyable coffee shop and a change from the emblematic CCD or Barista we see virtually all over the place. The price ranges are also reasonably priced, a must check out the place where it is well worth for the money you expend.

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3. The Chocolate Room’s Chocolate Fondue

Address: First  Floor, St Patrick’s Complex, Brigade Road, Bangalore

The chocolate room is acquiring the latest chocolate culture in the country. If you are really a serious chocolate admirer than this is the most reviving and astounding place with very good ambiance. When you go to this spot, you will fell in love with this place. Chocolate rooms is a specialist in handmade chocolates offering a comprehensive variety of menus like hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cocktails, chocolate shakes, chocolate bouquets, sizzlers are impressive and many new breakthroughs in chocolates, the entire list was so tempting. They dished up it with chocolate cake, rolls, and strawberries encircling a nice little cup of molten chocolate. They do have pizzas and burgers as well. The most appealing one is Death by chocolate pancakes which will give you the feeling of truly out of the world and as if you are dimming into the rain of chocolates as almost everything here is made up of chocolates.

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4. Shree Sagar CTR

Address: 152, 7th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Now well-known as Sree Sagar, Central Tiffin Room or CTR is a Legend. It is one of the most ancient eating places in Bangalore known for their trademark Benne masala dosa , which is full of flavor, very crispy and cooked properly with an excellence .The upma served here is equally best. If you are in search of checking out their Mangalore Bajjis, fluffy and fried up flour balls paired with tempting mint and coconut chutney and a sizzling hot coffee which are only offered at evening hours. Also, Goli bajji is a chosen dish from the seashore area of Mangalore and it seems that no one in Bangalore would make it much better than CTR. It ‘s just superb. Apart from that, we also encourage you to try out their smooth, fluffy Kali dosa without many calories, melt-in- the-mouth Chow Chow Bhath, casually spiced, Khara Bhath, Kesari Bhath starts off your day on a fairly sweet note. For a crazy Dosa fan this is purely yet another place of paradise .The flavor here has attained them real patrons for the way of life. It is genuinely worth the money and the place.

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5. Miller’s 46 Chicken Wings and Steak House

Address: 46, Millers Road, Near Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.

Miller’s 46 is the very first place that would come into imagination when it comes to a popular chicken wing dish of the town. They have a vast array of timeless classic Chicken Wings, Southern Crispy Beef, Big Boy Texas T-Bone Steak, the pork sausages steak and other favorites are King fish steak, chicken steaks and boneless mutton steak which are just truly delicious. No meal at Miller’s can get started if there is not a plate of chicken wings down with the barbecue sauce, a mild pepper and lemon marinade on the desk.  The steak is grilled with a peppery sauce that features the juiciness of the meat and the fat gives it a smoky abundance.  You can also prefer for the juicy steak with the barbecue and peri-peri sauces topped with Jamaican Pepper, that really ups the spice making it lip-smacking starters, one would love to relish on. They do have a fully-stocked bar that goes finest with steaks and wash it down with a Foster's or Budweiser. Miller’s 46 offers consistently good food especially acknowledged for the best steak that you would never have anywhere else in Bangalore. Also, it’s worth every penny spent here for the yummy steaks in a high- class ambiance to devote high-quality time with your loved ones.

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6. MTR’s South Indian Meal

Address: 14, Lalbagh Road, Mavalli, Basavanagudi, South Bangalore.

If you want to flavor the most iconic South Indian food in Bangalore then a visit to MTR is a must one, it’s the best South Indian comfort food running since 1924.  It is a legendary joint based on the Lal Bagh Road near the expansive Botanical Gardens in Bangalore and eight other divisions in the city, as well as one each in Singapore, Dubai, and Muscat. When you move into MTR and a glimpse into the past, the meals here are endless and delightful, there has been no effort to redecorate or modernize it. You would discover the throngs line up for a preference of the most scrumptious and sovereign South Indian eateries here.

The trademark dish at MTR is its popular Masala Dosa, fairly laden with ghee.  Other significant spotlights here are tiffin items which include Rava Dosa, Rava Idly, Kesari Bath, Bisibele bhath etc. MTR also boasts to be the founder of the famous South-Indian breakfast item, Rava idli. Another favorites are its Meals or Thali offered through lunch time. Remarkably well prepared each dishes, much better than the other as well as so completing, that one's tummy is pretty much full and contented after eating here. Also, South Indian food without steaming hot coffee provided in silver tumblers is yet another traditional specialty. All-in- all MTR is a magnificent place where you can not just find out the Bangalore city’s culinary heritage but also find the very essence of this great place.  Do not check out here on Monday, as its shut every Monday.

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7. Thulp’s Moos and Your Daddy Burger

Address: 998, 1st Main, 1st Block, Near Wipro Park, Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore.

Cafe Thulp is exceptional than any other cafe in Bangalore, its one of the preferred hangout spot amongst local people, which best matches an enjoyable time out in the city’s endless hustle bustle. Cafe Thulp is identified to offer the very best burgers in Bangalore. This common Koramangala hotspot delivers burgers, subs, sandwiches, and shakes. Mouth-watering burgers all round, their real trademark is the Moos Burger. Also, your Daddy burger, cheeseburger are very popular among regular visitors here. A diligently exciting meal is confirmed here and finding the menu on its own is another point of amusement. The freshly made beef burgers are gourmet, a beef patty, a burger with fillet steak wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese and an egg are readily available with a wide range of toppings, varying from the normal to the wonderful one. You can put on bacon and cheese if you want a lot more. A refurbished menu provides Chicken wings, Goan Chorizo sausages and Stir-fried Beef with Bhoot Jolokhia Chillies. The Great Balls of Fire is a Meatball Sub and for vegetarians, it’s the Peta Ka Beta which is the most demanding food on the list, the full meat patty was large with all the trimmings which includes sautéed onions but luscious and delicious.  Vegetarians are also focused on appetizing choices such as the falafel veggie burger, the brittle sweet corn, and tofu burger. The milkshakes like Sheikh Yerbooty right here, are a massive hit as is the Snickers Blizzard. Their burgers are truly worth a try and one of the finest burgers in the world. Any burger is very much satisfying and huge in size more than enough for the one. The bun and fries found here are also fantastic. Thulp hosts an ecstatic and dazzling ambiance for you to visit. Also, there is board games and quality collection of books in the corner that can keep you entertained biting into a burger with your friends or while you hold out for your order to come.

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8. Shivaji Military Hotel’s Donne Biryani

Address: 718, 1st C Main, 45th Cross, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

This is an outstanding place for all biryani buffs. It is one of the perfect conventional Non -vegetarian  Restaurant in Bangalore.  If you want to try out some old-time hot and spicy non-vegetarian food then this place should be on your top priority list. When you visit here, you would come to know the real taste of a heritage dating back to 1927. One would never have biryani like this, it’s so luring piping hot donne biryani served with delicious meat pieces and the fried mutton and chicken also seems to be very fantastic. This place is undoubtedly worth a try for all primarily non-vegetarian dishes –biryani's, rice and chicken and mutton side dishes. The mutton pepper dry was also very good. A banquet for meat lovers, scrumptious naati style food with constant taste is what makes this place so renowned. The ambiance is pleasant and fresh, also the staff is very well-mannered and favorable. Moreover, food dished up in Eco-friendly dry leaf plates is also one of their specialty. Truly unbelievable food, No scheduling, no bookings, you can take pleasure in what is offered at that point of time when you are in. The biryani was absolutely great and the superb one in Bangalore.

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9. Corner Houses DBC

Address: 45/3, Gopal Krishna Complex, Near Mayo Hall, Off Residency Road,  Bangalore

Corner House has the best ice creams in the town. That was in 1998 when I first came to the city. 17-18 years later, it is no small wonder that Corner House is still going strong.  It is famous for dessert and bakery outlet, yummy varieties of ice cream flavors along with so many toppings options. No dessert is better known than the Death-By- Chocolate (DBC) available at Corner House. They have proliferated, but haven’t reduced their quality.  If you like chocolate, go for the DBC and the Chocolate Bomb, sundaes, roasted almond are the very best ones. You will not repent it.  They have loads of choices in terms of ice cream, a blend of cocoa, chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie,  ice cream, all in chocolate along with fruits ice creams, milkshakes, scoops, fruit salads are an absolute pleasure that are manufactured right in front of your eyes and are obtainable in a variety of flavors’ with respect to what you choose. The place is fairly loaded with people until eleven in the night and that declares the eternal level of popularity of the place. One of the best hangout place in Bangalore with many branches across the city, so just goggle up and locate the closest outlet to enjoy your taste buds.

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