7 Mesmerizing Parks in Bangalore

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Blessed with plenty of weekend getaways, Bangalore reflects the princely rays of light from the royal walls. Located literally in the center of South India, Bangalore offers numerous options to pick a perfect weekend attraction. The city is a fusion of modernity, heritage, and spirituality. Amidst the towering buildings, resorts, luxury hotels, industries, a string of flyovers, beating nightlife there are trekking destinations, beautiful waterfalls, heritage sites & popular hill stations. But without the right information and query, it’s easy to lose both time and money among all the choices. Here we are providing a list of Best Weekend Gateways near Bangalore that can steer one’s weekend far away from the reach of technology trumpets and highway hollers. 

  1. Lepakshi

Lepakshi, located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Found in the 16th century, it is one of the important heritage sites highlighting the legacy of Vijayanagara Dynasty. It consists of three important shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra. The temple of Veerbhadra is most important. The story says Virupanna; the royal treasurer was accused of drawing funds without the king’s permission from the state treasury to build the Veerabhadra Temple at Lepakshi. Later he blinded himself to avoid the king’s punishment. Even today, one can notice two dark stains on the wall near the Kalyana Mandapa, which according to the story, are marks created by his eyes. The hanging pillars, supported from the top are a wonderful treat for the visitors. Another remarkable feature in Lepakshi village is the monolithic Nandi. The best season to visit Lepakshi is from October to March, the Peak Season is January & April to May. To visit the whole place it usually takes a half day, which gives this place a top position in our list of Best Weekend Gateways near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 123 kms

  1. Srirangapatna

Situated in Mandya district of Karnataka, Srirangapatna is a historical town. It is located near the city of Mysore. The entire town is surrounded by Kaveri River, forming a river island. According to history, Srirangapatna was founded in 9th century by the rulers of Ganga dynasty. The town takes its name from the celebrated Ranganathaswamy Temple which dominates the town. Srirangapatna one of the most important Vaishnavite centers of pilgrimage in South India. This temple is one of the largest temples in Karnataka and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Srirangapatna has several tourist attractions like Gumbaz (Mausoleum of Tipu Sultan), Daria Daulat (Palace of Tipu Sultan), Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary & Sangama. Kotarothsava, Laksha Deepotsava, Holi, Ratha Sapthami Brahmotsavams, Dusshera and Buddha Purnima are the famous festivals celebrated. The famous Brindavan Gardens is just 16 km away from Srirangapatna. It is one of the top weekend gateways near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 124 kms

  1. Shivanasamudra Falls

Situated in Mandya district of Karnataka, Shivanasamudra is a famous waterfall and also one of the best weekend gateway places to visit in monsoon season. The waterfalls are also known as Siva Samudram, literally meaning the Sea of God Shiva. Situated on River Kaveri, it is also famous as Bluff. The island of Shivanasamudra divides Kaveri River into two that form two waterfalls, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. Together they are known as Shivanasamudra Falls. Bharachukki is approximately one km from the Gaganachukki (Dargah point). The Gaganachukki waterfalls are best viewed from the Shivanasamudra watchtower. There is another approach through the Dargah Hazrath Mardane Gaib which provides the best view of the right branch of the falls. August to December is the best time to visit; September to October is the peak season. This place offers breathtaking sight in the peak monsoons.

Distance from Bangalore: 130 kms

  1. Mysore

Mysore, the second biggest city of Karnataka, is one of the flamboyant places in India that pulls in weekenders from Bangalore as well as tourists from different parts of the country and across the border. The history of the city dates back to 700 years ago; reflecting the diorama of the Kingdom of Mysore from its glittering royal heritage. The major tourist attractions in Mysore are the Mysore Palace, Lalitha Mahal, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, St. Philomena’s Church and Mysore Zoo. The quaint city also has a thriving center for the production of premium silk, sandalwood, and incense. Encircling the city, Srirangapatna and Shivanasamudra Falls are two other nearby tourist destinations with heritage and nature respectively. It is one of the best weekend gateways near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 139 kms

  1. Shravanabelagola

One of the most popular Jain pilgrimage centers in South India is Shravanabelagola. Named after the pond in the middle of the town, this is one of the top weekend getaways from Bangalore and one of the best heritage places to visit in Karnataka. The word Bela-Kola means White Pond. The Bahubali Statue is a very renowned attraction; supposed to be the tallest monolithic stone statue in the world with a height of 58 feet, sculpt out of a single block of granite. The Gomateswara Temple, called as Vindhyagiri hill is built on top of a hill at an altitude of 3347 feet. The town is famous for several Jain temples and historical sites. There are two hills called Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri where most of the monuments are located. Chandragiri is home for about 14 shrines among which Chandraprabha Basadi, Kattale Basadi, Chamundaraya Basadi, Chandragupta Basadi, and Parshwanatha Basadi are important. Once in 12 years, Shravanabelagola celebrates the Mahamastakabhisheka festival which attracts thousands of tourists and devotees from all over India in Feb 2018, the next Mahamastakabhisheka will be held.

Distance from Bangalore: 140 kms

  1. Bandipur National Park

If one is seeking for an exotic weekend escape from the Bangalore city, Bandipur National Park is only 220km away. Spanning an area of 874 square kilometers, Bandipur National Park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is home to several species of birds, plants, and animals. The major attractions are tigers, leopards, gaurs, Indian giant squirrels and sloth bears among the animal species and Indian vultures, red-headed vultures, honey buzzards, flower Packers and different species of eagles etc. The commonly seen animals and birds are elephants, chital, gray langurs, peafowl, gray junglefowl, crows, drongos etc. Elephant safaris and jeep safaris are another attraction of this place. The morning safari starts from 6 that end on 9 and the afternoon safari starts from 4 and continues till 6. It’s one of the top weekend gateways in Bangalore to experience the tranquil ambiance of Nature. 

Distance from Bangalore: 220 kms

  1. Hogenakkal Falls

In Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu located on Kaveri River, a beautiful waterfall named Hogenakkal is situated. It’s one of the best waterfalls of India and a major tourist attraction. River Kaveri enters the Tamil Nadu border after twisting its way through Karnataka; it descends down the lofty landscape forming the Hogenakkal Waterfalls. The word ‘Hoge’ means ‘Smoke’ and ‘Kal’ means ‘Rocks’, giving the meaning to the word Hogenakkal as Smoky Rocks. It is also called as Marikottayam. Coracle riding is one of the main attractions here. Boating is usually stopped in peak monsoons. Tourists can go for trekking on nearby hills. The best time to visit Hogenakkal Falls is from August to October. A one day trip is enough to enjoy the place. It's a best weekend gateway place near Bangalore to change the mood. 

Distance from Bangalore: 179.5 kms

  1. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills is a renowned Hill Station in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 1265 meters, Horsley Hills is an exciting weekend gateway place to visit. The old name of Horsley Hills is Yenugu Mallamma Konda. According to the old tales, there used to be a little girl named Mallamma who was taken care by Elephants. She used to heal tribal people of the hills. One day, on her sudden disappearance; people thought she was a goddess and built a temple for her. The place was later named after the Collector of Cuddapah district W.D. Horsley. Some of the major tourist places around Horsley hills are Gali Banda, Lake Gangotri, Viewpoints, Environmental Park and the Horsley Hills Museum. The peak season to visit is from February to May.

Distance from Bangalore: 166 kms

  1. Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri is a hill region in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, situated in between the towns of Vaniyambadi and Jolarpettai. This is the nearest major hill station around Bangalore. The highest point is the Swamimalai Hill, standing tall at 4,338 ft. Through the thick reserved forest, the hill provides a good number of trekking trails. Smaller peaks like Javadi Hills and Palamathi Hills are also available as trekking option. A manmade lake named Punganur Lake is one of the popular attractions of the region. Other attractions are Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Velavan Temple and Nature Park. Best time to visit Yelagiri Hills is in summer between April and May and again in winter between November and February. It’s also one of the least expensive hill stations in India making it the best weekend gateway near Bangalore. 

Distance from Bangalore: 178 kms

  1. Biligiri Rangana Hills

Biligiri Rangana Hills, popularly known as the BR Hills is in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. Considered to be the wildlife corridor, it connects the Eastern Ghats to the Western Ghats. The attraction of the BR Hills is the 500 years old famous Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple, located on the highest peak of the hill range, on the white cliff. There is also a 600 years old Big Michelia champak called Dodda Sampige, which is known to holiest for the soliga tribes and other local people. Trekker’s can visit Dodda Sampige by trekking also. The best time to visit the Biligiri Ranga Hills and the wildlife sanctuary is from October to May. The place is very good choice for a weekend gateway near Bangalore. 


Distance from Bangalore: 178.9 kms