Leading Wine Places in Bangalore

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Wine originated from its Latin name Vinum falls under the category of oldest alcohol recipes. It is a pure beverage extracted from the fermented grapes. Being a citizen of Bangalore it doesn't matter how much someone falls for cocktails and other beverages but indulging you to a glass of pure fermented grape recipe will give you peace for sure. A glass of wine cherishes your dispirited soul and doubles your joy. Wine holds a classic potential of summing things up for you. The consumption of wine has been a popular trend throughout the ancient times as well.

The different qualities of wine catch the attention of people with ease, the demands of the different Red & white wines have gradually increased throughout the last few years. Being a metropolitan city the market of Bangalore holds huge demand of alcoholic beverages. The youth of this city plays a major role in bringing up wine's demand in limelight.

Bangalore is becoming a den of party lovers. With the inclusion of students as well as travelers from the different parts of the globe the western culture has already raised its spot over the old traditions; the demand for alcoholic beverages in the capital of Karnataka is turning the market on fire. From trendy cocktail places to famous pubs, from small bars to famous wine places we will be short listing the best wine places in Bangalore.


The vibes around the bar bring up the real passion inside you, having a sip of wine isn't all about getting drunk, The bar pulls out the real enthusiast from you and makes you fall in love with the classic taste of wine. The bar holds the reputation of serving both domestic and International wines. As the bar resides in heart of the city, it makes it helpful for topping the list in people mind. For making it more pleasant the bar serves a huge menu of cocktails under a single roof. The bar seduces its customers with help of their overwhelming behavior and customer service. The bar serves a delicious menu of buffet around the city. With an extraordinary interior and services, the bar has booked its slot in Best wine places in Bangalore.

Address: 1st, Floor, Orion Mall, Brigade Gateway, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560003 



when it comes to a restaurant like Olive beach which is also counted in top most Resto bars of the city it's obvious the menu here will be an attractive and delicious one. The menu provides a huge choice to the customers to choose between the great & famous international brands. The restaurant holds a special quality of serving wines originated from different ends of the globe. Located in Wood-street, with an enriches view of lakeside the restaurant again tops in the aspects of customers satisfaction. The restaurant's menu makes the customers enjoys a delicious scenario of buffets and many more authentic dishes from different corners of the world. Come and unwind your soul and fall in love with the noshes, ambiance and the wide variety of wines.

 Address: 16, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore



Want to make some special memories with wine? Offering both red and white wines, Myra Vineyards spends significant time in stylizing the menu for a normal and vintage experience. A startup idea given by a banker 3 years back is turning out to be one of the best start-up plans for the Myra owners, the wide variety of wines with delicious combos make the Myra Vineyards one of the busiest bar pubs in the city. With an appealing interior view, this place adds up more fun to its menu. The buffet prices here are a bit on the higher side but the quality is what matters here the most. People searching for the best wine places in Bangalore must have a sip of wine from Myra which will make your wine drinking experience come alive

Address: 27, Tyagi M Palanivelu Road, Victoria Layout, Bangalore


  1. Nandi Valley Winery

With wine lovers around the city and an appealing demand of wine, the Nandi Valley is turning out to be the hub of every party lover. The wide range of choice along with the best-malted brands Nandi Valley is said to be the biggest wine pub of the city. The delicious menu giving you an option to choose from world famous wine brands has been the eye-catching factor of this place. Nandi Valley Winery also holds the record of serving the best brands of White wine. The place itself is a wine production warehouse, producing the best in quality and taste the winery follows international processes for the production of finest malted wine. With an expansion plan of 500 acres near Bangalore and an erotic and cool climate over the city, the place has been producing the best quality grapes which are being used for further malting process. With an appealing demand and response, the Nandi Valley Winery is currently providing 6 types of wine.

The Wide Range of Kinvah Red Wines are:

  1. Cabernet -Shiraz: with a perfect mixture of Shiraz and Cabernet the blend is perfect for spicy food and barbecue. The Cabernet -Shiraz also holds the taste of cedar and mint.
  2. Manthan: With a pleasant flavor of fruits this item goes well with Indian buffets. The Tandoori foods are preferred to be the best partner for Manthan brand.
  3. Shiraz: With a pure blend of raspberry and blackberry Shiraz turns out to be the classiest of all. It goes pretty well with all kinds of meat stuff and seafood.

The Wide Range of Kinvah White Wines is:

  1. Sauvignon Blanc: With a Tich of gooseberries and a tangy flavor Sauvignon goes well with all types of salads.
  2. Sauvignon Chenin White: With a unique blend of Sauvignon and Chenin Chenin White is best served as chilled wine. It holds a unique taste of sweet and flowery combination and goes well with Indian Snacks.
  3. The Grape Escape White: With a unique name and a pleasant taste this recipe holds the best combination ever and is loved worldwide.

Address: 3rd Floor, 41, Blue Valley Celestial Nandidurga Road, Benson Town Post Jaymahal Extension, Bangalore 


  1. Chianti

This restaurant holds an honor of being the most customers’ friendly restaurant. Chianti with its wide range of red wines falls under the short list of best wines places available in Bangalore. The atmosphere here in Chianti is pure and class which makes the restaurant a must visit a place. The Chianti looks forward in providing the customers with the best ambiance ever. The brands here are quite appealing which will make you go 'Wow'. They serve some amazing cocktails of red and white wines, the buffet menu of this restaurant is much more appealing the others resto-pubs in the town. The perfect blend of spice and tangy flavors of different brands of wine it makes your outing memorable.

Address: 12th A Main Road, Near to Gold Gym, Bangalore 


  1. Café Noir

This restaurant is widely famous for its French culture and tradition, The wide variety in the menu of cafe noir expands the ambiance to another level, be it the dishes, buffets wines or other cocktails the perfect blends of customer satisfaction and low prices item is the best thing about Cafe Noir. This place maintains its name in the best wines bars in the city with its pleasant atmosphere. Being alone or with friends, this place will give you the best memories ever. With an availability of special dine out recipes cafe noir is undoubtedly one of the best around the heart of the city of Bangalore.

Address: No 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bangalore


  1. Happy Brew

Just like the name sounds, the bar signifies pure happiness and a pleasant way of enjoyment. The place is full of enthusiasm and bright interior decoration. The variety of pure wine they provide is quite incomparable to any other resto-pub. The upper floor is filled up with trees clinging to the walls which make the full atmosphere lovely. An individual outing or an outing full of mates this place suits for every sort of hanging out. This place is one of the most happening places around the city which makes it fall into the category of best wines places in Bangalore.

Address: Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bangalore


  1. Love Shack

This place is one of the trendiest bars around the city, famous for its special ambiance and customer reviews. The bar provides live music and is well-known for the live dance performances over there. Love shack is the best place to hang-out if you are with your friends, you surely gonna love the DJ beats along with karaoke nights. The menu serves all kinds of alcoholic beverages but the variety of wine is quite catchy.

Address: 541/543, Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road, Krishna Reddy Layout, Domlur, Bangalore


  1. Skyye Lounge

It is one of the most expensive and high-class bar that the city is venerated with. The location of this bar is perfectly placed in the heart of the UB city. Being a rooftop lounge it provides its customers with the best ambiance. The creative interior is what makes it sexier than others, With neon lights dimming off and a floor full of small lights the seating arrangements and the dance floors makes it the best lounge design ever in the city, the huge variety of wine and other alcohol is what people look for being in the Skyye Lounge. Come and take a bag full of memories to cherish while you drive back to home.

Address: 16th floor, Uber level, Canberra Block, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road.