Have you been to these Museums in Bangalore

Image Source: PP Yoonus

One has got to love Bangalore, for its pleasant climate, energetic people, vibrant ambiance, and rich culture. Blessed with a ton of Architectural wonders and the IT hub of our Country, it is a mega-city with a magnificent mix of a historic past and ever-captivating future, which is very well, preserved in its many Museums which put-forth a glimpse of the town’s by-gone days into several four-walls. If you ever plan on visiting the City of Many Gardens (what I must call it), but originally, City of many Gardens; you must enlist its Museums, right away and you will read, why? With each Museum telling you a different story, if you are a historicist, this might be the best trip of your life, yet!

We bring you a list of a few Museums in Bangalore that are worth your visit.

The Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) Aerospace Museum

The Hindustan Aeronautics Aerospace Museum is the first aerospace museum of our country. Established at the Hindustan Aeronautics limited premises was opened in the year 2001. The museum exhibits air engines, helicopters, space crafts and tells about the history and evolution of aviation in India and HAL for over 7 decades, now.

This museum must be one of the must-see museums in your list that gets added on the itinerary of most of the tourists that keep a keen interest in knowing the aviation sector of our country. Moreover, I reckon one must bring their kids along to see this museum, for you never know if they happen to find their interest in aviation. A win-win situation, no?

The Government Museum Bangalore

This is one of the oldest museums in India, designed during the British Empire by Colonel Sankey. The museum's houses artifacts like Jewelry, coins, paintings, terracotta and clothing from the times of the British Empire in India. The museum is divided into 18 sections with a range of various archaeological and geological objects put on display.

This museum is worth your time if you happen to be interested in the era of Kings and the old times with a lot of jewels and royal feels.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

The Visvesvaraya Museum was established to pay a tribute to Sir M. vishweshwaraiah, a statesman who worked day and night to bring science and technology into terms with the life of common people. Maintained and organized by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), this museum has interactive exhibits and displays.

Every floor is devoted to a particular science discipline, such as Rocket Science in Space Hall, the electronic displays in the Electro technic hall.

Madras Sappers Museum and Archives

This can be called as unique buildings in Bangalore as it chronicles the history and achievements of the Madras Engineer Group (MEG). Established in 1979, the museum includes objects that are related to army, history of military, medals, artifacts, and several pride-of-the-nation material that tells a lot about the history of India with a point of view apart from just the Mughals and the British for a change, which in my opinion is a must for every citizen of the country to acknowledge.

NIMHANS Brain Museum

The NIMHANS brain museum is included in the list of the one-of-a-kind Museums in our Country. Dedicated completely to the medical sciences, is what makes is the most unusual museum. The museum has been existing ever since it was first built back in 1979, but it was opened to the general public only about 5 years ago. It displays almost around 600 brain specimens of actual humans who had a deadly accident or were considered brain-dead, preserved in formalin. All the science enthusiasts and medical students must take time and visit this one-of-a-kind opportunity, you wouldn’t see random brains of every shape and size, elsewhere. Right?

Kempegowda Museum

The walls of this museum might not as much old as the other museums that we have just talked about, besides this museum has been established in the great honor of YelahankachieftainKempegowda, the great man who laid the foundation for the city of Bangalore. The building I colored with the traditional color scheme of the military, red and white. The wooden stairs and the modern architecture with the brightest of the lights make home to the history of Kempegowda for the visitors.

Gandhi Bhawan

As the name suggests, made in the honor of the Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, established in 1965 under the supervision of President, Dr Rajendra Prasad. His motive lies with what Gandhi has always wanted to teach the people of India, is what he dedicated the Bhawan all about. With the pictures about his life throughout the Museum, telling stories about his life, and spreading his word.

Nehru Planetarium

This is one of the five planetariums in India that have been named after the first President of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, established in 1989 at the heart of the city. The planetarium is a visual delight for both the children and the adults, as watching the night-sky and being able to know and learn about our solar system is what everyone is ever interested in. If you are interested in the mystery of the outer space, I reckon this is the place for you. Also, not forgetting to mention about the most talked-about show of the planetarium is ‘The Sky Theatre’ which you wouldn’t want to miss out in any case for any said occasion. I repeat, DON’T!

Well, these were the must-see museums in the city of Bangalore, with every museum speaking and home to an entirely different History and Subject in India. It is always important to stay in terms with the country and in general with the other aspects of life and country, take it as a responsibility being the citizen towards our country and the culture we belong to and share our life with.