Did you know about these Pubs in Bangalore

Image Source: makemytrip.com

For all you Bangalore lovers and maniacs, well, each and every one will agree with me on the fact that you can’t come into terms of claiming to love a city until before you have tried all the best places to drink in the city, right? It’s time to dust your human hood of the traveling pants, for all the quirky pubs you have been looking for, your entire life. The mood-swaying music and laid back ambiance, there is a dearth of pubs in Bangalore. From Koramangala, Indiranagar, to even the relatively distant places, there’s not a thing to worry about, we have got you covered.

  • One Night in Bangkok:
    It is only right if they claim themselves India’s first Thai themed dive bar. And you will know why, if you have seen the Ryan Gosling’s God only forgives. For starters, the exotic Muay Thai wall paintings, the Buddha statues that adorn the place all the way through in and out and well, of course, the menu! The food is as amazing as you could dream of, but the whiskey sour? You can never get over them if you ever happen to have one!
  • Harry’s Bar + Café:
    It’s not very usual if you come across an extraordinary bar in your country, no? This bar, giving away the Singa vibes is a must-visit for its brilliant food and cocktails. You will never stop mentioning the term ‘International’ if you start to describe this bar to anyone. Why? Didn’t we just mentioned about the Pattaya Beach fish Goujons, Singapore chicken satay whilst guzzling down the Dirty Harry, *very very dirty*
  • Roadhouse:
    Back in time, when the RnB music was always in the air all the way through America, pubs and bars were only known for their laid-back country-side feels, with soft music and cold beer. Yes, exactly you can imagine yourself in a 90’s American movie, in this bar with an old-school rock music feel, and guitars hung on the cemented brick walls, and oh! Even a few bikes, if you were wondering. This place is also known for its adherence to the retro rock music and the draught beer dispenser. So 90’s in the 2017.
  • Three Dots and a Dash:
    Known for its extravagant, really exotic cocktails, in the coolest possible glasses you can only imagine. Named after the legendary Don Beach, founder of the Tiki restaurants, is a very famous corner in the Indiranagar.  A 10-pointer as far as the environ is concerned in them Hawaiian gods-themed glasses are our absolute winners. Did we mention the cocktails?
  • Vapor Pub & Brewery:
    How about if we told you about a very happening pub that spreads across three functional floors. Yeah, that's something quite unbelievably trustable space for a pub available we are talking about here. A must-visit in Bangalore, each of the three floors is unique in its design and the vibes it emanates. The only thing common to the three is the resounding music in the background and a great deal of liquor and meals.
  • LOFT38:
    We all have that time in a year when we only want to be surrounded by good people, happy vibes a vibrant surrounding and a good pint of beer. Well, the best part about LOFT38 is all that is mentioned above. The sophistication of the place is evident thanks to the wooden floor, classy music and deck set-up. Unlike most pubs in the city, this is way too spacious and helps beat claustrophobia in style.
  • Monkey Bar:
    You can never go wrong if you claim this as India’s first gastro pub with an international feel down to the very boot. This particular spot is everything that's right with the pubs in Indiranagar. The New York vibe, rusted brick walls, booth seating, bare bulb chandeliers and soothing music to top it all off. Any favorite drink there? Yes. The Manga.
  • Watson’s:
    For every drinker in the city, this has got to be the first choice, not just the food or the ambience but more for the brew. The very diverse menu will always keep you occupied with something to pop in between the sips of beer. With a really vast bar, we would recommend you to go for straight drinks and tonics in place of the cocktails. And if you wish to eat something substantial to compliment with your hard drink, try egg bhurji or the samosa pav, or even the chili prawns.
  • Monkey Bar:
    One of the most highly recommended places in the city, Monkey Bar has found its comfortable zone in the very famous Indiranagar. Having said that, they also seem to add new things to the menu every now and then. From the newer cocktails section, try the Mondo-Villa, vanilla liqueur, Triple Sec, orange juice; and the King Kong - vanilla vodka, banana, cardamom, and fresh cream - which is more like an adult version of a shake I suppose. To eat, the Laal Maas Phulka Tacos, Prawn Pickle, Naga Pork Noodles, and the Butter Chicken Khichdi are worth digging into.
  • Toit:
    A night out with your friends in the heart of the city, Indiranagar would be incomplete without a visit to Toit. Plain and simple. Also, two words: brewed beer. They are known for always -- we repeat, ALWAYS -- getting it right. Be it their Toit Weiss, Tin tin, Dark Knight or Basmati Blonde! What's more? This Bavarian style brew house also serves the best nachos and wood fired pizzas in town.
    How finger-lusciously, mouthwatering, heartwarming, mood swaying pubs to be at, no? Well, are done with our part of making you aware of these ever-amazing, always lively & vibrant places to have your next pint o’ beer at. So which one are you trying the first?