Bangalore; A city which Serves as per your Wish

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"The Silicon Valley of India" as it is called, Bangalore is amongst those places which amazes almost everyone because of the diversity it offers to people. The city is known to be the impulsive activities on the industrial front and has been a center for the major public sector in India. The Cities like Bommasandra and the IT Park had turned the city into a lifeline for those who are looking for higher package job and a decent lifestyle. After being nominated amongst the smart city, Bangalore had been successful to secure a place on the world map. The fact remains that Bangalore is Asia’s fastest growing city and 5th in India. Here are the major attraction which you should opt to see from when you plan your trip to Bangalore;


Bangalore is also called “City of Gardens”. There are many gardens in the province which are famous for their unique floral assembling. These gardens are famous amongst the locals and tourists as well. Some parks do have additional recreational activities as well exemplary zoo, facilities and many others. Lal Bagh Park is the most famous destination in the city, majorly known for the 3000 million year old rock formation. It also has country’s largest tropical plants, aquarium along with years old man-made lake. Apart from Lal Bagh, You can visit Cubbon Park, Bannerghatta National Park and The Coles Park which are famous for their unique atmosphere and scenic surroundings.

Historical Monuments

History flows in the air of Bangalore, hence there are many monuments which are of high importance as accordance to the history. There are monuments which belong to Hindus and there are some which depicts the ethnicity of Muslim origin. The famous amongst all includes the Vidhan Soudha. This building does not connects with any religious sentiments, but politically it is the largest secretariat in the country. The building is the most refined amalgam of British, Neo-Dravidian, Muslim Architectural techniques and a prime example of the contemporary art. Apart from this building of political importance you can also visit Bangalore Palace (One famous for its unique paintings) and Tipu’s Palace (Palace where Tipu Sultan a yesteryear Martyr enjoyed his summers).


Bangalore has been a part of major transitions and activities, hence there are many museums depicting many historical facts. The oldest of all the museums is Government Museum which was established in the year 1865. The museum has a variety range of items from yesteryears which includes antique jewellery, coins, paintings, vessels and weapons. Apart from this you can also visit Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum which showcases new technology items. Apart from these you can also visit Nehru Planetarium located at T Chowdiah Road and the Sheshadri Iyer Hall, which is famous for various art and dance events.


Art had been a part which is inseperatable when it comes to history of Bangalore. Many transitional phases had been recorded in the form of sculptures and paintings which are showcased in the galleries. Where Mahua Gallery exhibits Indian art forms there Renaissance promotes young artists excelling in the field of arts. Apart from these you can also visit Crimson gallery famous for antique showpieces and Time and Space if you love contemporary art.


There are many natural sights which are located in and within 100kms to Bangalore which can offer you the joy of trekking, river rafting as well as the joy of being close to nature. You can visit the Shimoga District which is famous for its scenic locations and the religious connection with lord Shiva. There is Nandi hills where one can enjoy trekking and adventure sports. You can visit Yana which is near to Jog Falls and showcases the best scenic location if you are on a honeymoon spree. Apart from these there are many other natural location which makes travelling to Bangalore more than any other trip.


Though Bangalore does not have many wildlife sanctuaries to be visited but it is lucky to have many famous wildlife sanctuaries near to the town. One can visit these wildlife sanctuaries to enjoy the fauna of the state and being close to nature. You can visit Bandipur national park which is nearly 5 hours away from Bangalore and it showcases many varieties of fauna which includes the Asian Tiger as well. Dandali is another location which one can fall for in order to see the wildlife. The picturesque view and the freedom which is enjoyed by the animal in this national park can mesmerize who wants to enjoy nature at its best.

Amusement Parks

As the title mentions Bangalore has anything and everything what you wish for. There are variety of amusement and waterparks in the town one can enjoy. The best amusement parks include Wonder La which boasts off to have 56 water and land rides in total. Apart from that you can visit Neeladri waterparks for more water based slides and enjoyment. Snow city is one of its kind an indoor snow theme park where you can enjoy skiing and skating on the snow. One can also enjoy at Bal Bhawan and Lumbini Garden with their kids as these places have lot to see and enjoy.

Places of Worship

Being a Multi-religion hub in India, you can find many spiritual places in Bangalore. The diverse culture give space for every religion to grow and excel at their own pace. The city has more than 1000 temples, nearly 400 mosques and multiple number of Jain temples, Bodh shrines and other religious places. The famous of these includes Bull temple, wherein statue of Bull is worshipped by the peasants as it is said the Bull had saved the crops of being damaged at one time. Apart from it Jumma Masjid, St. Mary’s Basilica and Mahabodhi Societies are amongst other religious and sacred places which one can visit in order to explore the religious site of the city.


Bangalore is known for its shopping streets and the latest trends. There are many street shopping options which you can come across while being in Bangalore. You can go shopping on VM Road, MG Road, Residency road and Brigade Road. While VM Road is famous as Brand’s Street MG has something for everyone which includes artificial jewellery, attires to shopping complexes serving your daily day to day needs. If you enjoy imported goods, then go to Hong Kong market and you can satisfy with the most authentic imported goods which are sold there on daily basis.

These mentioned attributes are just few famous ones, apart from these there are innumerable pages in the history of Bangalore which one can definitely explore on their visit, and the only thing it will cost is time and joy which one feels while travelling.