7 Mesmerizing Parks in Bangalore

Image Source: Folomojo

Bangalore, as known as Garden city is a home to many parks which includes Bio-reserves, National parks, and some Historic Parks as well. The ideal atmosphere and geologyemerged greenery in the different parks at various parts of the city support the name. IT is prospering in the city, yet the city is keeping up the magnificence of its name. Different IT parks set up in the city additionally enhances wonderful parks that add to the appeal of the city. The city has numerous impressive parks which are genuinely reviving and restoring tourist spots to be in. Here are few parks that will mesmerize you, if you been to Bangalore;

  1. Cubbon Park

Located in Gandhi Nagar, this ultimate park covers a large area surrounded by huge trees and greenery around. It is definitely next to heaven for people who love nature and enjoy being close to it. The exquisiteness of the park comes with the antiques placed in the park which will mesmerize you to an extreme level. The park is actually known by those who come for just leisure and even to those whose sole purpose is to earn money as the Cubbon is surrounded by some exclusive historical buildings along with some IT groups. A footfall of nearly 1000 people is something which Cubbon sees on daily basis.


  1. Lal Bagh

The host location for the flower show which happens annually over here. There are many historical amalgam of different locations such as the famous Bandstand, the glittering glass house, the exemplary lecture hall, the historical statue of Chamaraja Woodeyar and the ancient identity of Kempagowda tower etc. which is nearby. If you are someone who is looking for a place which is close to nature and can give you peace, then Lal Bagh is an ideal location for the same.


  1. The Coles

Named after the British Resident of Mysore Arthur Henry Cole, the recreation center is well known as Freedom Fighters Park. The recreation center appeared in 1914. The recreation center's Bandstand seen the execution of Band of Bangalore Rifle Volunteers. The recreation center contains play region for children and joggers track as well. The recreation center is all around kept up and is exceptionally easy to use. People on wheelchairs can also be seen here on daily basis as there is a separate track for them. The park is loaded with joggers and different individuals who love to appreciate the natural air.


  1. M N Krishna Rao Park

Appreciate the crisp breath in this quintessential stop with an expansive overhang of goliath trees that gives a shady layer to the recreation center. The park is named after the Dewan of Mysore MN Krishna Rao. The recreation center is able for running, morning strolls, and yoga. The goliath trees are a fantastic wellspring of natural air in and around the recreation center. Numerous occasions are likewise held in the park for the entertainment of general public.


  1. Bugle Rock Park

Kahale Bande or the Bugle Rock Park is a rock structure located in the Basavanagudi zone in Bangalore. The Bugle rock appeared to have come up to the ground above because of some earth developments, offering ascend to a peninsular sort of arrangement. The tower on the Bugle shake was worked up by the Kempagowda II which gives an all-encompassing perspective of the entire city of Bangalore. The park is a perfect place to spend a day in the nature’s lap. The walkways are perfect and all around well-kept. The park also contains three sanctuaries. The recreation center contains scaled down waterfalls and wellsprings and is genuinely the place to breath in the natural air. The huge bull sanctuary in the park is a perfect place to discover peace and eternity. There is an open exercise center in the park for the locals to utilize.


  1. J.P. Park

JP Park is a biodiversity park located in the beautiful surroundings of Mathikere. The grass and the four lakes make the recreation center amazingly excellent and picturesque. The plant abundance of the park is immaculate and definitely will woo anyone’s senses. Named after the politician Jayaprakash Narayan, the Biodiversity Park has three forests and each section has smaller than usual sections. The smaller than normal forests are named as Rashi Vana, Nakshatra Vana, and Navagraha Vana. The plants and trees in the park are dedicated to sun-sign. The park has some appealing statues and structures that add magnificence to the recreation center. The recreation center has a melodic wellspring appear, which is exceptionally exquisite.


  1. Randheera Park

Located in Jayanagar, this park serves the people who look for a park to spend time with their kids. This being a family park has many swings around. The full name of the park is Ranadheera Kanteerava Park. One can take it as a synonym for amusement park. You can see many sculptures lying here and there of ancient martyrs and soldiers. The top poets had dedicates some lines which are engraved on various stones lying in the park. The message is narrated well in Kannada Literature so that one can find and relate to the ancient years. In short it has something for everyone who visits here; let it be a kid who loves to ride on swings or people like us who look for something related to the ancient times.


  1. Butterfly Park

The butterfly park located in Bannerghetta Zoo is the first of its kind park in India. The nature had been set in a way that the shrubs and plants can help in cultivating the nature. The tropical conditions are ideal for breeding of the giant butterflies. A similar butterfly park is located on the Singapore airport. The park is an ideal place for the growth of butterflies and is home to more than 20 varied species of butterflies. There are many hoardings describing about the various species of butterflies. The concept is brilliant is usually liked by almost everyone who visit this park once.