Bangalore; A city which Serves as per your Wish

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Each one of us has a traveler hiding inside us. This traveler help us enjoy and refresh us taking up small things from the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the same traveler pokes us to find places which has serenity and calmness. These places are ones, which helps us to take us a refreshing break from our usual routine and start afresh.

Here are 6 places around Bangalore which can satisfy the traveler inside you any day:


It is located approximately 139 kms from Bangalore, Mysore is a place known for eternity. The calm atmosphere and scenic location will force you to chase them till you drop it. As per the folk stories the place got its name as the monster Mahishasur was killed here by Devi Chamundeshwari. Since then Mysore is famous because of its religious connection, the awesome sweets and the overwhelming friendly people. You can visit the famous Tipu Palace here where the yesteryear martyr Tipu Sultan was used to come for summer vacations. There are many museums, palaces, temples, gardens etc. in Mysore. You can visit the famous Mysore Palace, the temple of Chamundeshwari Devi, the Brindavan gardens and Srirangpatna garden to enjoy the eternal beauty of this place.


Nearly 137km far off from Bangalore Somnathpur is situated. The place is on the map because of the famous Prasanna Chennakesava Temple. The temple is true representation of Hoysala Architecture. The place is also named amongst in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The temples are known for carvings and the refined quality of architecture. The village is located on the banks of Cauvery River and has a historic page attached to it because of its ancient connection. This town is said to be in existence since 1100 century. The most fascinating factor about this place is the 16 ceilings which combining create an image of banana blooming plantain. The images of deities are well-decorated with embellished jewellery.


This place is located 100kms away from Bangalore. The place is majorly known for varied ancient temples spread even in the narrowest lane of the village. If mythological stories had to be believed, Avani was the place where Sita gave birth to Lava and Kusha. The famous sage Valmiki also resided in this ancient village. Avani is amongst the few places in India, where Goddess Sita is worshipped. Her temple is situated on a hill nearby. It is a village where many temples of historic importance are located, which includes Ramalingeshwar, Lakshmaneshwar, shatraghunashewar and Bharateshwar. Sage valmiki initiated Lingam so that people can get rid of their sins.  The entire compound is under the Archaelogical department of India and is well maintained with the parks and temples properly cleaned and preserved.


At just 80 kms from Bangalore, Kolar is a village which is majorly into highlights because of the gold mines it sports. Kolar has a few vacation spots like Someshwara Temple and Kolaramma Temple. Someshwara Temple is a wonderful sanctuary worked in fourteenth century amid Vijayanagara run the show. Devoted to Lord Shiva, Someshwara Temple is acclaimed for huge temple tower based on a stone cut called mahadwara. A sacred pond is situated nearby which is said to be sin relieving. Apart from Someshwara temple, one can also visit the Kolaramma Temple, located nearly100 m from Someshwara Temple is another intriguing spot to visit in Kolar with parcel of history. The temple has a few carvings from Choladynasty which ruled India in the 11th century.


At a separation of 58 Kms from Bangalore towards Mysore, Channapatna is a residential community acclaimed for wooden toys. This place is likewise celebrated for entryway hangings, powder boxes and conventional adornments. Stronghold of Jagadevaraya family manufactured at some point amid sixteenth century is additionally an intriguing spot to visit in Channapatna. Timmapparaja Urs chateau, a three storied building made of block and cement and was home to Timmapparaja is likewise worth going to. The building is a normal case of Hindu house from nineteenth century. Different spots incorporate Varadaraja sanctuary, an antiquated sanctuary devoted to Lord Vishnu. The symbol was introduced by Sri Ramanujacharya. Different temples in Channapatnaare dedicated to Lord Lakshminarayana and Nilakanteswara god.

DoddaAlada Mara Tree

Dodda Alada Mara is a solitary Banyan tree that is nearly 400 years of age and has spread more than 3 sections of land in the vicinity. This tree is said to be the biggest tree in Karnataka and the second biggest in India. It has a circuit of more than 250 m and has more than a thousand airborne roots. Since last 15 years the principle foundation of the tree surrendered to normal illness, and hence the tree now looks like a wide range of trees. The range of the tree is well fenced and very much kept up with pathways, brilliant concrete seats and convenient dustbins.

There is a little temple committed to Lord Muneshwara (Lord Shiva) near the tree. It is said that the Big Banyan Tree symbolizes the heavenly trinity of Hindu Gods. The root, stem and branches idolize Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva separately. The huge banyan tree is additionally an all-around enjoyed excursion for a long while and also a favored area for a few film shootings for the south movies as well as some Bollywood ones.Manchinabele dam which is almost 8 km and Mukti Naga Temple, which is 3 km from Dodda Alada Mara are the close-by attractions which will definitely give you an enthralling experience. Mukti Naga temple houses the world's biggest solid statue of Lord Naaga around 16 feet tall and 36 tons of weight. There are many devotees which come to worship Lord Naga specially. The Big Banyan Tree can be come to by voyaging 7 km down the tight street to the comfortable Kumbalagod intersection on Mysore Street. There are many ways by which you can commute till this ultimate and unique destination.