10 Local Street Shopping Destinations in Mumbai

Image Source : Wikipedia

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay has been named in the name of Goddess Mumbadevi .It is the capital of Maharashtra also known as the “City of dreams”. It is said to bethe entertainment, financial and commercial capital of India.Men from all walks and tradesof life come here to settle and establish themselves.It’s a city full of gangsters, day dreamer’s actors, fishermen and artisans, millionaires and billionaires as well as slum dwellers.

It is the focus point of political life, fashion and film industry and also of religious tension zone. The city has its own Portugal and British colonial heritage and architecture. The city has end number of must see places  in and around the city starting from varied temples, museums, local sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife in discos  as well as blossoming shopping sprees for its tourists and localities.

Mumbai is a major business center of all sorts of commercial activities and for this reason only it is popularas a shopping destination. Itis a delight for all kinds of shoppers and has all sorts of shopping station with lots of designer shops, malls,street shopping etc. With a little bit of sound knowledge about how to shop the finest of things, superb bargaining skills and research you can get the best with least money in your wallet and budget. Whether your taste is sober or crazy, Mumbai has everything to offer at cheap, affordable and throwaway prices. You can shop here at your heart’s delight.

The Popular Places In This List Are As Follows:

  1. Linking Road– Bandra (W) is a well-known hub for shopping.Linking road would be the first name that would comein one’s mind when you remember of shopping.The main market extends from near National college, Bandra (W) to Khar (W) telephone exchange You will start with row of shops selling varieties of items starting with the latest trendy clothes from cocktail pajamas, bags, accessories, and footwear like sandal shops to end with the kids section.If you can bargain well, you can take home the best of fashion at reasonable rates.
  1. Hill Road- Its location is in Bandra (W). It has a lane of street shops to sellers moving to and fro with full force. Here you will find all sorts of trendy clothes and antique jewelry items. If you can bargain well you can save a lot.
  1. ColabaCauseways- It is the fashion hub for every fashion lover. It is leveled up with shop and street stalls displaying various artifacts of fashion jewellery. Whenever you are hunting for the best you have to search for it amidst varied shops and stalls. You need to keep your eye open to find out another true copy of branded items.
  1. Crawford Market- It is located very close to CST Railway terminus nearby DhobiTalao,Fortarea. It is a fun place to walk through within the British architecture, it’s appealing and spectacular structure was built in 19th Within the fort area nestsa lively vibrant market well known for wholesale supply of fruits, vegetables, craft utilities, electronics, food, cosmetics and toysetc. It has different varieties of produce such as nuts and spices for sale.There are many vendors from whom you can buy any kind of household items as well as cosmetics. It is a place for those who want to shop without spending too much. Here they have a separate section meant only for pets and pet products.
  1. Fashion Street- It is opposite Azad Maidan, Church gate where you find all classes of fake branded items such as clothes, accessories or bags. This place is jammed with college goers because they get hold of unique and authentic items at best price that fits in their budget.
  1. Zaveri Bazar- It is popular place of interest for those who wish to buy or sell any kind of expensivejewellery items of gold, silver, silverplates, kitchen utilities etc. Itis located near the Crawford market and is composed of small and big shops selling branded as well as localjewellery items be it real and imitation .Here making charges of jewellery pieces is much cheaper thanshowrooms. There are numerous small as well as branded shops both lined up at the side of the streets.
  1. ChorBazaar- In Hindi itmeans thieves market,also known as Shor market because of the noise carried out in the by lanes of the bazaar. The market’s location is in the epicenter of Muslim colony. It is India’s largest flea market full of stolen goods. You will find gadgets, watches, shoes, antiques, vintage instruments etc. It is near to CST station. You need to amend your bargaining skills before you come to purchase things out here.
  1. Hindmata Market: It is located in Parel road,Dadar and is the best place to buy Indian clothes be it designer sarees,lehangas,sherwanis , ethnic outfits all in very cheap prices mainly during the wedding season. It is the best place to buy Punjabi outfits. Here you have both retail and wholesale market.
  1. Lamington Road- It is located in Grant Road. It is a wholesale as well as retail market place forelectronic goods; computers, televisions etc are sold at affordable prices which are mostly Chinese made products which aren’t durable. It is a storehouse of latest as well as outdated electronic items.
  1. Irla Market-It is located in Vile Parle(W).It is a place where you can find everything in one place and is comprised of 5 major Alfa stores that are popular. These are-
  • Alfa 1 - is meant for food supplies, snacks and packaged food items.
  • Alfa 2 -store is meant for electronic items such as mobiles, jewellery of well-known brands and other beauty products.
  • Alfa 3 -store is for decorative pieces, table clothes,digicams,cutlery,kitchen electronics and utensils, toys , other electronic goods such as TV, fridgeetc.