10 Local Street Shopping Destinations in Lucknow

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Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of north India and is also a cultural hub. Not onlythere are some awesome tourist attractions in Lucknow like you can visit -but it also has someexceptional Shopping Markets. The city doesn’t have any Malls as such but it has lively local market. Sodo not miss a chance of dropping and shopping here.Lucknow is known for its Chikankari and most of all the tehzeeb. The city of the nawabs and nawabiandaz is a paradise for the shopaholics. You can get numerous stuff in this city whether it is somethingvery high end or something very desi. You will be overwhelmed with the options that you get in Lucknowwhen it comes to shopping.So, here is a list of top 10 markets in Lucknow that will just not let you stop.

  • Aminabad :Aminabad is the oldest market and the busiest markets of Lucknow and has been in existence since the times of the Nawabs of Awadh. You will be able to easily locate many havelis here. You can get all kinds of garment shops, jewelry shops, paan shops and numerous more at reasonable prices. There is Thursday street market where you will find small vendors sitting on the roadside and selling different items at bargain prices. When you are tired of shopping you can enjoy TundayKababs and Wahid’s Biryani here.

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  • Alambagh: It is located on the Lucknow –Kanpur road. It is amongst the most developed and well planned markets in the city. Alambagh also has a historical importance as in earlier times this place had a palace and mosque along with other buildings. Today Alambagh is an important commercial center of Lucknow and you can find beautiful and huge showrooms from the high end famous brands to that of local merchants here. You can also find here fresh vegetables & fruits, sweets, sanitary ware, electronics, etc. It is definitely one of the most popular markets in Lucknow.

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  • Chowk: This is an old and popular market in Central Lucknow sited about three kms from BaraImmambara and is famous for its garments, fine fabric, chikankari, ittar, ornaments and manyother shops that will just mesmerize you. It is the best place to buy chikankari clothes and antiqueitems. It is of utmost importance in relation to handicrafts. You will find the famous Raja Thandaishop here too. This is a paradise for the people who love to shop and eat. Chowk is the bestmarket in Lucknow to buy clothes with Chikankari work.

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  • Hazaratganj: This is yet a market of historical importance. This market was made for the Britishand the common Indians and Dogs were not allowed in the market in those times. Only the highprofile people were allowed here. But today this market has become the premium shoppingdestination. There are various showrooms, outlets, famous restaurants, big hotels and cinemahalls here. Also you can try the Chat at King of chat or at Shuklas here.

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  • Janpath Market: This market is almost a part of Hazaratganj. It is located in the heart of the city.It is amongst the most visited markets in Lucknow. The market is composed of small shops andvarious outlets that offer you products at very competitive prices. You can bargain to your heart’scontent and shop for variety of things like garments, Chikankari, woolens in winters, trinkets,leather belts, shoes, etc.

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  • Bhoothnath Market: This market that is also known by the name of RSM Nagar market is knownas Bhootnath due to the famous Shiva Temple in the center of the market. It is also one of themost happening markets in Lucknow. You can get almost everything in this market from clothesto utensils to electronics to jewelry. Whatever you can think of, you will get here. This marketbeing a local market also allows for some bargaining. Even fresh fruits and vegetables can bebought from here.

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  • Nakkhas Market: This is the oldest market of Lucknow where you get zardosi embroideredgarments, wooden items and jewelry etc.The market is further sub divided into Nakkhas Bazaar,Bird market, Vegetable market for the convenience of the customers. There are many kinds ofshops both old and new and you must visit this market for the item that you could not findanywhere else in Lucknow. The Bird market is spread in a wider area where you can buy petbirds and little animals like parrot, rabbit, mouse etc. There is also a Sunday market here variousmakeshift shops sell second hand goods, electric spares and almost every daily use items.It alsohouses various food joints providing delicious kebabs,biryaani and paan are available on streetcarts. Antiques are also found here.

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  • Latouche Market: This is one of the most bustling markets of Lucknow as far as the electronicgoods are concerned. The market is lined with the shops that sell the electronic goods. There aretwo things that you must not forget to do here. You must not forget to bargain here as this marketis just selling things at very high rate but right kind of bargain will get you the same thing less thanhalf the price.

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  • Yahiyaganj Market: This market lies close to Nakkhas market and is a whole sale market ofcosmetics, clothes, toys, utensils, crackers kitchen items and spices. The rates here are very lowbecause of the whole sale rates. You could visit the famous Gurudwara here. During the DiwaliSeason, this shopping market in Lucknow is very crowded due to the presence of lot of crackershops.

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  • Naka Hindola: This is another market in Lucknow that is famous for electronics. You can buyelectronics of all kinds from this market at very reasonable prices. There is a big scope ofbargaining here and you must remain beware of the duplicate stuff being sold in the market.

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