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Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is termed as the; City of Joy; as well as the; “Cultural capital of India”. It is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city as well as the capital of West Bengal and the second largest city in India (after Mumbai). It was founded as an East India Company trading post, when it was India capital under British Raj.

As the cultural capital of India, Kolkata continues to breed generations of poets, writers, film producers and Nobel Prize winners. Kolkata is famous for its people, their culture, food, music, literature and the movies. It is one of the most densely populated cities in India along the banks of river Ganga with a rich cultural heritage. Today it’s known for its grand colonial British architecture, art galleries and cultural festivals. The Victoria memorial is where Queen Victoria spent some years of her life.

Today, as a major metropolitan, the city also nests the oldest museum of India- the Indian Museum containing the only ‘ Mummy ’ ; in India amongst other valuable artifacts. Some other interesting places of visit are the Eden Garden, Bellur Math Temple, Aurobindo Ashram, Birla Planetarium, Nicco Park, Marble Palace and Howrah Bridge. The famous Durga Puja in October draws many people to the city. Kolkata is also famous for one of India oldest brothels called the Sonagachi . Nightlife in the city is centered around the restaurants, pubs and discotheques where the young crowd of the city gather.

However, the town is best known for it’s local Bengali cuisine that one must indulge in, while here. Most ofthe Bengali cuisine food revolves around rice and fish, and you will find many version and delicacies of these.  If your trip only allows for a visit of one or two of India’s metropolitan cities, then definitely you can consider placing Kolkata on your itinerary. Love it or hate it, you definitely won’t forget the city on the Hooghly.

The city Kolkata is said to be the cheapest city and has many options for any shopaholics be it shopping in the mall or else in the local street market. Shopping can be fun if you know where to find what and need a great deal and can bargain well to save a lot. The vibrant sights, sounds and smells of the city make these shopping destinations one of its own kind.

New Market: It is also known as Hogg Market. It is located at Lindsay Street off Chowringhee Road. It is Kolkata’s most well known and oldest market. This area is lined up with street shops along with the market building. The actual market has various shops for selling everything from clothes, fabrics, cosmetic goods to baked items. Here you can get a great deal for saris, dupattas,kurti material, bags –satchels, hand bags, backpacks and cheap jewelry items like everyday earrings, neck pieces to heavy jewelry etc.

Chowringhee Road

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Chowringhee Road: A huge variety of pavement vendor’s line up from Chowringhee Roadfrom Park Street to New Market, selling everything, you'll find some wonderful terracotta wares, which are a Kolkata specialty. The decorative terracotta wall plaques are particularly attractive and come in some unique traditional designs.

College Street

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College Street: The book market here. It is located north of Park street area.  It stretches from Ganesh Chandra Avenue in Bowbazar to Mahatma Gandhi Road. It is the largest second-handbook market in the world, and largest book market in India. Its renowned for stocking rarebooks at cheap prices. In addition, some of Kolkata’s oldest bookstores and publishing housesare in the College Street area. For an added touch you can drop into the Indian Coffee Houseopposite Presidency Collage. Its one of India’s historic restaurants, dating back to 1942.

Gariahat Road Market

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Gariahat Road Market: It is located in South Kolkata; near Ballygunge the shopping area has a long stretch of restaurants, shops, and stores selling different varieties of clothes, jewelry, electronics, saris, furniture and even pets. Here the items available in shops or stalls are reasonably priced giving shopper’s ample opportunity for bargaining.


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Swabhumi: If you want to take some keepsake from Kolkata, you can visit Swabhumi. Here you would find outfits, handicrafts, junk jewelry etc. A range of restaurants and hawkers here will ensure that after all the shopping; you won’t be left with an empty stomach.

Mallikghat Flower Market

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Mallikghat Flower Market: It is located at the east end of Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge. It is also known by the name of Howrah phool bazaar. Trucks are loaded with flowers from across India and are brought here and sold by vendors on a daily basis. The wholesale market offers varied varieties like roses, lilies, gladiolas, tuberoses, orchids, gerbera etc.

Hatibagan Market

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Hatibagan Market: It is located in North Kolkata. The real meaning of Hatibagan is “hati” meaning “elephant” and “bagan” meaning market in Bengali. It is the former hub of city’s pet market. It is near to Shyam bazaar.The market was famous for selling varieties of birds and animals until a fire gutted this zone in the year 2012. Despite all of this chaos, Hatibagan houses numerous shops, stalls, and cinema halls. The star theatre is one of the biggest attractions here which screens the latest movies, at reasonable prices making it hit among locals. Some of the finest Bengali silk and cotton saris can be bought here.

Burrabazaar Or Bara Bazaar Market

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Burrabazaar Or Bara bazaar market: This is a wholesale market, adjacent to the Howrah Bridge, near Mahatma Gandhi Road Metro station which started out as a yarn and textile market, offers everything at cheap prices. Its divided into separate sections specializing in various items such as spices, electronic goods, textiles, home decor, toys, cosmetics, and artificial jewelry. The market is particularly colorful during festivals such as Diwali , when special stalls selling diyas and lanterns are set up.

Dakshinapan Market

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Dakshinapan Market: This is an open air shopping market arena, located near Gariahat in South Kolkata but is an excellent place to shop for Indian handicrafts. From stalls outside the gate to the shops inside the building you would get many an Indian state Govt emporiums stocked up with different types of clothing, jewelry, handicrafts etc are brought from diversified parts of the country. Then you would also find tea boutique which has 20 different fruit flavored tea along with fruit flavored iced tea. You can also buy and gift tea to your near and dear ones.

City Centre 1 Shopping Mall

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City Centre 1 shopping mall: it's local is in Salt Lake City Township. It has been branched out in twin malls of the Forum and has outlets spread across the city. The entire building consists of the Mall, the Cineplex, the Plaza blocks, the Residency, the Tower and a fountain known as the Kund which is placed at its centre.