10 Local Street Shopping Destinations in Bangalore

Bengaluru (also referred to as Bangalore) is the capital of thesouthernstate of Karnataka.The metropolis is usually stated as the “Garden City”. Bengaluru is the third largest and one in all the foremost habitable cities in the Indian Republic according to a country-wide survey.Lined with long stretches of trees and parks, known heritage buildings, busy markets and newly constructed buildings, Bengaluru seems to have a bit of everything for everyone.Very few cities of the world have the power to attract and motivate people to come and reside permanently not only in search of jobs but also for a better life. Bangalore is the third-most-populous city in India and it has the most pleasant weather throughout the year for which it is also known as “Pensioner’s Paradise”.

The city reflects a mix of historical monuments as well as high-rise corporate complexes. Today Bangalore is India’s fifth largest and the quickest growing metro in Asia.The electronic town in Bomasandra and the software technology park referred to the IT Park which is on the outskirts of the metropolis has earned its name as "Silicon Valley of India" or IT capital of India. It is the hub of India's sophisticated industry.

10 Local Street Shopping Destinations in Bangalore1

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The city Bengaluru has diversifiedchoices for any street shopper that are easy on the purse.Shopping can be fun if you recognise where to search out for what an excellent deal that can cut out thepriceto save a lot.  Nothing is better for any shopper like the local street market. The spirited sights, sounds and smells of the city make these shopping destinations one of its own kind.

So, there may be a list of prime 10 markets in Bengaluru that may just not allow you to stop.

  1. Commercial Street:

    One of the city’s most renowned shopping areas, it has varieties of stores selling every possible item like adifferentstyle of clothing, junk jewellery, shoes, sports equipment and accessories and much more. You can spend hours wandering in the by lanes of the bazaar and negotiating to your heart’s content to find the right thing.

Commercial Street

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2. Chickpet: 

Chickpet is famous for a wide variation of silk saris and wholesale dress materials.It is best for those who are looking for innovation and creativity.Once you’re here, you go head over heels to Balepet for bangles and locally made musical instruments, Nagarthapet and Raja market for jewellery. You can get great deals in gold and silver jwellery.Shopping in the narrow streets of Chickpet and its surrounding areas is an adventure in itself.It is close to Bengaluru city railway station. You need to take a bus till Majestic bus stop.


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3. Avenue Road:

Located close to Chickpet, it is in close proximity toMajestic bus stationand Bangalore City Railway stationit is an everlasting jammedone waylanebrimmingwith beautiful heritage buildings, food courts and hundreds of shops selling stationery, jewellery and textiles along with several interesting things you won’t find anywhere else in the city. This is also the bookworm’s paradise – second-hand books are available here at cheap rates.

Avenue Road

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4. Citymarket:

The city market is a colorful mix of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. Vendors all over the city buy their stock from this market – several kilos of flowers are sold here every day. Though the market is very poorly maintained, the quality and variety of the stock makes this a must-see place.It is the first locality in the whole of Asia to get electricity and considered to be one of the biggest flower markets in Asia.


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 5. National market:

National market near Majestic is Bangalore is the grey market for clothes, accessories and tech goods – phones, handy cams, tablets and MP3 players. Thanks to the Chinese knockoffs, defective parts and fake labels shopping here is quite risky, but the smart buyer can land some amazing bargains.

National market

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6. Malleswaram 8th Cross:

The busiest avenue in Malleswaramis the 8th cross market which has a number of shops and vendors selling vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, utensils, clothes etc. Prices tend to vary during festivals and holidays, so you need to compare and shop the right thing. This brightly hued and buzzing market is frequented regularly by locals for all their needs. A must visit is the famous Malleswaram old market which is located close by near the Ganesha temple.

Malleswaram 8th Cross

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 7. Gandhi Bazaar:

With all kinds of stores selling everything from silk saris to local medicines, this is one of the city’s most lively streets. With huge number of people doing their daily shopping andgathering at the popular eateries on the road, this market comes alive in the evenings. Especially colorful on festive occasions, Gandhi Bazaar is known for traditional religious items, textiles and other trinkets.When you are there, don’t forget to eat at VidyarthiBhavan.

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8. Brigade Road:

Brigade road is a popular commercial centre for both tourists and locals in the city. With an array of shops highlighting medium to high end branded apparel,as well as stores that sell shoes, spices, items that are handcrafted, pieces of antique jwelleryand much more.A side attraction is the number of hawkers selling t-shirts, wallets and watches in the smaller lanes. Here you need to bargain with the hawkers to get a fair price. It is one of the cheapest places to shop in Bangalore. The best thing about Brigade road is the footpath which allows you to safely window shop without being run over.

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  1. Dubai Plaza:

This is an ordinary looking building on Rest house road, but inside is a mini-street with rows of stalls offers items such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, wallets, bags and other accessories.From checked scarves to quirky belts, there are a number of choices for the fashion conscious budget shopper. You need to check all your purchases for defects before leaving. The basement of Dubai plaza rests the Tibetan plaza which has stocks of different kinds of clothing you would ever need. Those who shop here go back with loads of shopping which no complain on the shopper’s end.

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10. Jayanagar BDA complex 4th block:

Located opposite the main bus stand, the Jayanagar shopping complex and its nearby streets have stores and vendors selling groceries,clothes, stationery, books, novelties, toys,jewellery, shoes, confectionery and household goods. Apart from the shops there are a number of road side vendors scattered everywhere who sell at affordable prices.Check out some of the smaller shops inside the complex for trendy clothes at surprisingly low prices.

Jayanagar BDA complex 4th block

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