10 Local Street Shopping Destinations Ahmedabad

Image Source: tourism-of-india.com

Ahmedabad is the 6thlargest city in terms of population in the capital state of Gujarat.It is the current business destination and is the fastest growing commercial and industrial hub of the country. It was widely known as the “Manchester of India” due to so many cloth mills in the city. It is known to be the largest cotton producer in India, and the stock exchange of Ahmedabad is second oldest in the country.

Here are some awesome Shopping Malls but there are several street shopping markets as well in Ahmedabad. People love to spend their time and money in shopping. However, we are listing the Top 10 Shopping Markets in Ahmedabad. So, whether you are a localite or a Tourist, a shopaholic or a fashionista you can enjoy shopping at these Shopping Markets in Ahmedabad:

  1. Lal Darwaja–Lal Darwaja is one of the most vogue and busiest shopping market in Ahmedabad. You can buy sarees, gent’s garments, children garments, shoes, ChaniaCholi, wallets, old books, belts and a lot more. You need to give a lot of bargaining with the vendors and shopkeepers here to get the right thing at the right price. Then again this place is quite popular for street food in Ahmedabad. If you love to have street food like PaniPuri, Samosa, Dhokla, Pan, Dosaetc., then you must visit this market. Try not to carry or wear valuable and expensive things while visiting this market. Also, you must be beware of pickpockets as it is a very brimming marketplace. 
  1. Dhalgarwad-Dhalgarwad is the only shopping market in open arena in Ahmedabad. It is a well-known mart for low priced and budget shopping. This market is quite popular for Antique Jewellery, traditional fabrics like Bandhej and Silk Patola Saris. It is a market that offers a good range of traditional clothes. The dhalgarwad market has a wide collection of cotton prints including Mangalgiri, South Cotton, Jaipuri Prints, Kalamkari& a lot more. If you are looking for traditional clothes like Chaniya Choli, Ethnic Indian Sarees, Traditional Kurta, you can find them all here. You can also get a good range of Patola and Tancholi Sarees there. 
  1. Sindhi Market-Sindhi Market is another sought after shopping zone in Ahmedabad for bed sheets, dress materials, sarees, dresses and traditional items. This place is situated near Kalupur Gate. Another popular market, Revdi Market which is popular for textiles is located near the Sindhi Market of Ahmedabad. It is a definitely a must visit place for all kinds of shoppers. 
  1. Law Garden-Law Garden is a shopping market in Ahmedabad well known for its handicrafts items. You will find a lot of street vendors sell beautiful handi craft stuffs here. You will also find a lot of trendy shopping malls located near the Law Garden. So, this area has a lot to offer for everyone who is willing to shop in this area. 
  1. CG Road-CG Road (ChimanlalGirdharlal Road) This Road is named after ChimanlalGirdharlal, well-known businessmen of the 1960s in India. You will find a lot of shopping malls on CG Road. It has also been marked as the costliest retail location in the city. 
  1. Manek Chowk-Manek Chowk is a preferred square in Old Ahmedabad. It is surrounded by some famous historical structures. Manek Chowk is a vegetable market in the morning hours, a bullion market in the afternoon and a street food market at night. This popular market is named after SaintThis market is located near the center of the city which acts as a vegetable market in the morning and a jewellery market in the noon. The Jewellery market of Manek Chowk is the second biggest in India. It is known to be the most crowd-pleasing street market and food stalls start to emerge around Manek Chowk around 9:30 pm and continue till late night. 
  1. Rani-no-Haziro-Rani no Hajiro (Mughalai Bibi’s Tomb or Tombs of Ahmed Shah’s Queens)is a very popular tomb complex near Manek Chowk area in Ahmedabad. The area surrounding the complex of Rani na Hajiro is now a popular market for women’s clothing, jewellery, accessories and a lot more. If you are looking for Traditional Garba clothes, you must visit this market. You will also find different types of mouth fresheners, Mukhwas, stalls in and nearby Rani-no-Haziro. 
  1. Fernandez bridge-Ahmedabad is the home of major institutions like IIM, NID, CEPT, MICA, IHM, LM College of Pharmacy and a few more. If you are in Ahmedabad and looking for books on art, design, management and various other subjects, you can get them below and around Fernandez Bridge. If you are lucky enough you can also get first editions, out of print books, some rare books, collectibles, a large variety of academic and technical books on almost all subjects, and used books at very affordable prices. The book vendor at Fernandez Bridge has a large variety of books, magazines, journals, documents, etc.  
  1. Raipur Gate-Gujarati is well known for their mouthwatering farsaans, fried and steamed snacks.  You can keep these snacks for a long time which makes them good gifts for your friends and loved ones to take from Ahmedabad. Some of the most popular snacks that are good to carry with you are muthia (vegetarian kebabs), dhokla, khandvi, patra, fafda jalebi, khakhra, sevkhamani, ganthia, khaman, lilvakachori, and a few more. The lanes in the walled city around the Raipur Gate are quite popular to shop for and enjoy Gujarati farsaans. You will also see some well-known farsaan vendors near Nehru Nagar Cross Roads, Stadium Road and some other popular areas of western Ahmedabad. 
  1. Ramakda market-A lot of artisans in Gujarat produce fine wooden toys and beautiful artifacts. Ramakda Market and its nearby area is quite popular for painted dandiyas (dance sticks), wooden toys, handcrafted decorations, and games. This is also the place to do shopping for festival decorations like Christmas trees, Santa cut-outs, Christmas stars, Diwali lights, etc.