10 Leading Places to Explore in Delhi
Delhi, the capital city of India has endless things to offer. It’s a beautiful city where you can explore real historical & architectural wonders, multifarious culture’s, adventure, fun and attractions, ravishing nightlife, affordable shopping avenues, amusement parks, places of worship,  tempting food and many more..You will get almost every flavor here. Believe me once you come here & interact with people around, you will never want to leave this place.That is why Delhi is known as “DillihaiDilwalonki”




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  1. India Gate and Surrounding Areas


India Gate and Surrounding Areas

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 This is a war memorial located at the center of New Delhi, built in honor of great Indian soldiers who lost their lives during World War I.

India gate is famous for Amar JawanJyoti which means Immortal Warrior. The names of the Soldiers, who died during this war fighting against British army, are described on the walls of this monument. Hanging out with friends after sunset is amazing at this place. Here you will find the real Delhi Crowd (Delhites) enjoying nightlife, a long walk on Rajpath till Rashtrapatibhawan, having ice-creams, doing party etc.

2. QutubMinar



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QutubMinar is the tallest, 234 feet brick minaret in the world. It is located in South Delhi, the first astonishingIndo-Islamic monument built by Muslim ruler in India. The surrounding areas are known as Qutub complex. Besides QutubMinar, it encloses a mosque, the Iron Pillar, Alai gate and Alai Minar (an unfinished Minar).

 3. Connaught Place

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 Connaught Place (CP) is the heart of the city, located at the centre point (Rajiv Chowk) is one of the largest commercial places of Delhi. This is a royal British architecture comprising of two concentric circles known as Connaught’s Inner Circle and Connaught’s Outer Circle.

This place is famous for the different variety of foods, coffee shops, Handicrafts, shopping apparels in nearby Palika bazaar, Janpath street market, restaurants and movie theaters, where you would love to shop, refresh yourself. This place is a must visit in Delhi.

4. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk

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 If you are in Delhi, your tour is incomplete without its Delhi street foods.

Chandni Chowk is the famous market place of Old Delhi. Here you can find cars, hand-pulled carts, cycle rickshaws, pedestrians giving a view of Old heritage which is still alive there.

 In the narrow roads of Chandni chowk , you can enjoy finger-licking street foods, Cholebhature, kulche, Aloo chaat, Changezi chicken, Karim’s, Haldiram’s, Famous Jalebiwala, Gazarkahalwa, mouthwatering Lassi, and finally hot Parantha’s at Paranthewaligali.

5. Bahai ( Lotus temple)

Bahai ( Lotus temple)

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 The Bahai temple, a bahai worship place is located near mandirmarg, kalkaji, New Delhi.The temple is more than 40 years old. It is also known as Lotus temple as it is built in a shape of Lotus flower.

It preaches a law of human equality and respect humankind. People from all religions irrespective of languages,conception can go there and worship.

It has elegant garden surrounded, nine pools of water around the petals and incredible temple structure are the sight to watch.

6. Dilli HAAT

Dilli HAAT

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 Delhi Haat, near INA market is run by Delhi Tourism. It is the best place to relax with friends or family especially during  Delhi’s hot summer afternoon. A best place to analyze variety of food from different states of the country. You can also enjoy the cultural activities or exhibition usually held there from different parts of the country. It’s a tremendous place for purchasing handicraft items, other state specific apparels.

7. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

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 The world’s largest Hindu temple, 42 meter tall construction in the 12 acres of land was completed in the year 2005. Aside from using concrete for the foundation, marbles and granites used in its construction was from all parts of the world. This symbol of great architectural excellence is located near the banks of river Yamuna. You can explore the graceful park, temple, museums and several cultural highlights going there.

8. Red Fort

Red Fort

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Red Fort is one of the famous gravestonesand a powerful reminder of Mughal rulers in India.It is a major tourist place which captivates your attention through it magnificent Mughal architect. Every Independence day, it’s a platform for Indian Prime Minister to address the people of the Nation.

There you must visit; museums, masjid, Diwan-e-aam, Diwaan-e-Khaas, Red Fort Market.

9. HauzKhas Village and Lake

HauzKhas Village and Lake

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 It’s a beautiful scenic place, where one can have a fabulous time here. It starts from street foods to local street shopping, pubs with great ambianceand many more. A perfect evening out here with friends enjoying, sketching, bird lovers, college bands, fun at Art galleries stroll can be easily remarked.

10. Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens

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 If you are a nature lover and want to relax from the daily busy life, then this is the right place for you to rejuvenate yourself. This 90-acre garden was built by British in 1936. Don’t forget to check out the National Bonsai Park in the garden welcoming with beautiful herbs & shrubs.